lifehack for sailors. MALLORCA. BALEARIC ISLANDS

      Hello! The yacht infrastructure on the Mediterranean Sea is fine, but if you travel for a long time and prefer not to spend a lot of money, read this article. I share my experience about the places where I personally happened to visit.          The best anchorage is in a large bay in the north of the island in Port de Pollenca. On the east coast are a lot of small coves and they are closed by the island from the prevailing winter of the north and north-west in the summer, when ...

My story: WAY TO DREAM

news from the shipyard: TEDIOUS WAITING IS WORSE THAN ЗАПАРА(((

  Hello! How am I doing? I'm waiting. On June 1, I bought 5 kilograms of epoxy resin from the online store. Well, I think, in a week I'll be delivered to the address and the construction of my yacht will continue. But the transport company is in no hurry. The shipyard is located in Mamedov Gorge. The resin is taken from the northern capital to the southern one (from St. Petersburg to Sochi. And so: 08 june

The short story of a long sailing trip

  Hi, my name is Akela. I like to travel by sailboat and I have a quite good skill in it . About 10 000 nautical miles were left behind.I will try to tell my story short.