Hello! The yacht infrastructure on the Mediterranean Sea is fine, but if you travel for a long time and prefer not to spend a lot of money, read this article. I share my experience about the places where I personally happened to visit. 

        The best anchorage is in a large bay in the north of the island in Port de Pollenca. On the east coast are a lot of small coves and they are closed by the island from the prevailing winter of the north and north-west winds.But in the summer, when in the Mediterranean Sea is a great weather I recommend to sailing northwest coast, because it is sooooo beautiful! There are almost no protected bays, except that Port de Soller. And if you want to stand in the vicinity of Palma, there is one little corner for the poor orphans.  


      Perhaps one of the best anchorage sites in the entire archipelago! If you are going to leave the yacht for a long time, it would be better to use mooring buoy. Attention! Do not leave the yacht on someone else's mooring-buoy, the owner of the mooring buoy can untie your boat. To make your own mooring, sometimes, just dive with the mask and find a suitable load and even a chain. A little to the east of Port de Pollenca there is a beautiful and quiet place with a small island of Formentor.

        On this map I indicated the place where you can leave a tender. In the marina there is a free shower. In the evening, near the large Eroski supermarket, food is thrown into the containers. Water will have to look))) There is a house called Jose house, ask around the local guys, it can come in handy. Still there is an abandoned ranch on the southern outskirts of the town. In the yard there is a well with water, but do not try to go inside the house, there is already an alarm system. If you are lucky, you will find a working outlet. 

 CALA VARQUES 39°29'N 3°17'E

     On the east coast there is a very small cove, in which you can drop anchor in good weather. Previously, the bay was visited only by hippies, but now it has become more popular. In one place there is a squatter house, there is water in the well. Perhaps you will find a pleasant company here. The nearest recycling without a bicycle can not be reached. 

PORT DE SOLLER 39°47'N 2°41'E

        If you sailing along the north-west coast, then in these places there is only one safe marina. With recycling here it's bad. In the marina you can take a shower. I had to carry water from far away.  But what sunsets! 

 PORT DE SA CALOBRA 39°51'N 2°48'E 

        This bay is east of Port de Soller, but you can use it only in good weather. The bay is very beautiful and famous for the fact that it used to be smuggled. If you can stroll through the gorge of Sa Calobra then you will see one of the most beautiful places in Mallorca. 

CALA NOVA 39°32'N 2°35'E


     Palma is not the most convenient place for anchorage.In my opinion it is better to leave the yacht in Port de Pollenca and calmly walk around the island using land transport. In Palma you can easily find friends with apartments through relevant Internet services. But if you still found yourself on a yacht in the south of the island, then you can go to the shore near the marina of Cala Nova. 

       This small marina is located west of the large port of PortoPi. Attention! Drop anchor at the entrance to the marina do not obstruct the fairway. Tender we left on a small beach at your own risk.Sometimes there is a cold shower in the marina. In the evening there is a recycling near the nearest Eroski, but the characters there are those))) 

       All screenshots taken from Google Maps 

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