I was born in a beautiful place by the sea. While and now I dreamed of traveling under sail. I was lucky because in my small town a sailing school was opened. In this sailing school there were no new boats, so first I had to learn how to repair them. I had a "Luch", it's a yacht like Laser, but in Russian style. At the first serious regatta, my boat literally collapsed in parts. There was a hole in the board through which a lot of water got into the yacht. At the end of the regatta somebody stole my sail and all summer I had to work to buy a new one.
  After school, I graduated from university and became a sailing coach. But in Russia teachers receive a small salary. I did not have enough money and I started my business. This is a very popular business in Sochi, but everyone who does it violates the law. To earn more money, I took more passengers than I should. But I had friends in the water police))).
  At first I took yachts for rent, but thanks to this work I was able to buy the first yacht. I was approaching my dream. But along with the yacht I had a wife and son. I could only begin to travel, but my "anchor" became heavier. My wife did not let me go any further than was necessary for my business. I realized that life does not make sense if I continue to go with the flow. I had to leave the family and sell the yacht.
  I left to spend the winter in Egypt and worked as an instructor at the windsurfing station. Despite the stress experienced - divorce and separation from my son, on the shore of the Red Sea, I finally felt really free and happy. Next spring, I found money with a friend and went to Stockholm to buy a yacht for travel.
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