Hello! How am I doing? I'm waiting. On June 1, I bought 5 kilograms of epoxy resin from the online store. Well, I think, in a week I'll be delivered to the address and the construction of my yacht will continue. But the transport company is in no hurry. The shipyard is located in Mamedov Gorge. The resin is taken from the northern capital to the southern one (from St. Petersburg to Sochi. And so: 08 june 2017 /Order arrived in Sochi/ Wait for a call from the call center   Hooray! I sleep with the phone and I'm waiting for the call. But there is no call. Then I tried to set a delivery date myself and found out that in the Lazarevsky district parcels are delivered once a week. For successful delivery, you must assign at least two possible dates! Gray color - shipping is not possible Blue color - possible delivery days   And the nearest possible delivery date is a week! But it's not a fact))) It's not for nothing that they ask you to appoint at least two possible dates. In fact, I just had no luck with the transport company, usually such problems do not happen. Moreover, the courier in the transport companies that I used to have always called on the day of delivery and warned that he would come. And this is an important moment for me because I do not specify the address of my garden plot otherwise the courier will simply get lost in this Berendeevo kingdom. I give the address of one apartment where my mother lives and I drive there to receive a parcel after the call with a courier who travels from Sochi. 66 kilometers along a winding road. And in the present transport company they are asked to indicate the exact address and warn that the courier will not call.   Five kilograms of resin which is not enough to build a yacht. Delivery time is more than two weeks. The delivery price is almost two kilograms of resin. Of course, if you immediately buy fifty kilos, and thus save both time and delivery costs, but I do not have such funds in blockchain ((.   But there is also a positive note in developing events.In Sochi, I found a sponsor with polyester resin and glass mat.Watch the news and throw up the upvote, we're just getting started!