Hi, my name is Akela. I like to travel by sailboat and I have a quite good skill in it . About 10 000 nautical miles were left behind.I will try to tell my story short.
*My first boat. Sailing on the Black Sea, Sochi*
  I passed around Europe to times by different routes. I learned sailing from young age, but my big trip started when I was 28 yеars old. My friend Jimmy and my bought the sailboat in Stockholm and crossed Baltic Sea to St. Petersburg, Russia. After it, my boat passed all Russia from North to South by rivers and channels, from St. Petersburg to Black Sea.   I had crazy adventures and big problems in the Black Sea with the russian government, because I crossed the russian border aligal. I continued my sailing in Mediterranean Sea like a pirate. When we were in Malta, the money was over, and also the winter was approaching. That time we met Russian guys who were working on a big yacht with a small submarine on board. The captain of this yacht helped us and gave us some jobe for two months.
*My second boat. The Mediterranean Sea, Malta*
  We did not wait for spring and began our passage from Malta to the Balearics on the first of January. Of course it was a storm in Balearic Sea and our sailboat was badly damaged. We arrived to Mallorca and started to live there. The boat stayed on anchor in Port Pollenca, my friend and my had no idea how repair it. So,we tried to take another yacht, because the local guys said: "The owner is dead." It was true, but the police arrested us, and we ended up in jail for three days.
*Me and Jimmy. Mallorca*
  Jimmy returned to Russia and I continue the journey alone. With torn sails, leaked boat and stuff like this I passed Mediterranean to The Suez cana.l Finally my boat went to the bottom in the Red sea.   I stayed in Dahab, Egypt and worked as instructor on the windsurf station. But five months later the Egyptian police began to look for me and my boat. I still have no idea why. I met my girlfriend at that moment, and we ran away from the police to Israel. We dreamed about new sailboat, because we wanted to sailing around the world.
*Me and Sonya. The Red Sea, Dahab*
  I worked for a few month in Tel Aviv in the marina on the yacht service. I taked some money, and my girlfriend and me flew to Sweden and bought a used boat there. From Goteborg I start my second sailing around Europe by the cheapest sailboat (1200€) and with girlfriend on aboard.The sailboat finished in Canarian Islands when I heard the good news. My girlfriend was pregnant!
*My third boat. The Atlantic Ocean, Canarian Islands*
  There were many hot moments during all this trip. I will try to translate them from the great Russian language. But I have start my new blog on Steemit not only for this old story. Now I live on the Black Sea coast in my house with wife and son and still dream of sailing around the world. I have a great possibility to use the money from the blockchain and community Mapala for building a new boat. Just a few weeks ago I began to make the main hull of my trimaran. this is a funny experiment for me because I never build anything and did not use blockchain for travel.
*The next boat)))*
***So, all money from this post will be money for the new boat and new adventure! Thank you!***