My name is **Dmitry** I live in **Ukraine**, in the city of **Zaporozhye**. Today, for the development of **@mapala community**, I want to **tell a story** about an **amazing place**! This place is the birthplace of Cossacks and Scythian tribes before them... Although the city of Zaporozhye is not a resort city, there are many beaches along the Dnieper River. One might also like to take a boat trip along the channels and inflows of the Dnieper River, go on a cruise round the island of Khortytsia or enjoy sluicing Dniprohes Dam. It is a large island with an area of 25 square kilometers located on the Dnieper River. The river divides the city in half, and the island is in the center of the city. The length of the island is almost 13 kilometers. It's impressive, is not it? [Zabpor]( Here you can find an [interactive map]( - a guide to the island. On the map are marked the tourist itineraries and references to the places worth visiting. The island has many important historical and archaeological sites of the Scythian times such as the Barrows and SanctuariesКромлехи-пыд-час-розкопок-фото-hortica.zp_.ua_.jpg Since Khortytsya is the homeland of Cossacks on the island, there is a museum of Cossacks with a lot of exhibitions and expositions dedicated to the history of the island and its inhabitants. The unique historical and cultural complex "Zaporizhzhya Sich" recreates the image of the Cossack capital and the atmosphere of the life of the Cossacks. Here you can see the performance of the Sich Cossacks and assess their combat skills. *All photos are kindly provided by [Google](запорожская+сечь&client=opera&hs=XV0&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjXvNHnjIfUAhXlCpoKHRf5CMwQ_AUICigB&biw=1366&bih=658#imgdii=vMAUg_mWarw6aM:&imgrc=A2faSxAndba9vM:) service according to the my request* ## Visit this outstanding island at your next visit to Ukraine. ### Getting acquainted with Khortitsa and the locals will forever remain in your memory a pleasant memory! ___ #
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