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7 gastro points in Lviv

Most recently in Lviv, Alfa Jazz Fest died down, when amateurs and performers of musical improvisations gathered in the city. One of the main events of the year in the city of Leva visited and Vgorode.

During the trip we met with cult figures: Alexei Kogan, the creative curator of the festival himself told us about gastronomic predilections of the world jazz performers, presenting a new specially designed "jazz" menu based on the favorite dishes of jazz meters, and talking about the colorful Galician cuisine personally With the writer and author of the book "Galician cuisine" Yuri Vinnichuk.

Alexey Kogan, curator of Alfa Jazz Fest.

Jazz improvisations in Lviv were not limited to scenes - so we managed to ride on a two-story bus "Borjomi", where on the second floor the open musicians invited jazzmen to perform open jazz, and everyone who wanted Lviv residents and guests could ride for free at a unique musical cabriolet.

And now more about the gastro-points that appeared in the city recently or long ago, but not every tourist knows that these places are definitely worth a visit.

"Rinok zbroї pіd Arsenal"

The institution was located literally under the Arsenal weapons museum. In the cool shade of the restaurant you could treat yourself to the favorite dishes of world jazz stars. A single recommendation and an amazing discovery: borscht-puree with homemade cottage cheese.

"Naydorozhcha Restoraciya Galicini" or "Masoni"

Here, the prices in the menu of an unprepared guest are plunged into shock - a cup of coffee in the menu will be valued at UAH 200, and for Caesar sala, the price is 500 hryvnia. In fact, it is not necessary to be frightened - from the prices in the menu it is necessary to take away the zero and find the real cost of the dishes.

The institution has a lot of curious artifacts, and the windows overlook the noisy Market Square.

"Restauracija Bachevsky"

Famous restaurateur Mark Zarhin meets guests in his new restaurant - "Restaurant Bachevsky", where they are treated to delicious Galician dishes and famous Lviv tinctures.

There is a shop in the next room - you can bring tinctures with you, and the cozy patio of the restaurant is ideal for breakfast in Lviv.

"Two Golubtsi"

There are also new gastronomic concepts in Lviv, for example, "food with yourself" in the Galician performance. In the merry take-away "Two Golubtsi" you will be offered to bring stuffed cabbage with a filling and sauce of your choice, the cost of the portion is 18 UAH.

"Bar Mushly"

For those who want aristocratic delicacies, like oysters with prosecco, in the heart of Lviv is working "Bar Mushly" by Dimy Borisov, where the table must necessarily be booked in advance.

Italian courtyard

An amazing place will be found if you look at one of the courtyards on Rynok Square. Italian architects built in a luxurious building back in 1580, and today Lvivans and tourists have an excellent chance to eat a traditional Lviv cheese cake in the atmosphere of this Italy.


And if you have already studied the establishments around the central part of Lviv, you should definitely move to the restaurant of Caucasian cuisine "Taron". Here restaurateur Vardkes Arzumanyan treats with legendary meat, rich and spicy dishes, after which it's great to lie in a hammock with a glass of wine.

Enjoying the gastronomic side of Lviv, visiting new and famous conceptual places, in almost every institution you will find in the menu "Borjomi" - a universal tool for an easy morning - both after saturated tastings of Galician cuisine, and colorful Lviv tinctures :)

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