![IMG_20170613_073314.jpg](https://steemitimages.com/DQmWk8mtdsheYHZgrPxtdVbztfaG2XTzVXx9SDkBmaL4h72/IMG_20170613_073314.jpg) 7:30 on my watch and before a working day went to drink coffee in kfc in his city. ![IMG_20170613_073338.jpg](https://steemitimages.com/DQmVkbHnb6seLamrZPfLDmB9LM1T753Aj4tVYhXRzB1CzGx/IMG_20170613_073338.jpg) Here I was visited by such an idea. Do you want to become a successful person? Set yourself some goals and achieve them? Probably want but some people do not. And they want a better life from life, but they are lazy about changing it. After reading a couple of blogs, I decided for myself to make a chain on which I will follow. Successful people, for example, big tycoons and bankers did not immediately become them after all, are they? We can not be born, for example, by a resident or some kind of a millionaire. This is why we need to reach a couple of tips that really help. Write on the sheet of paper 20 goals which you want to achieve. It does not matter what it will be. Build your own mansion or earn yourself a million. Then, with these 20 goals, choose 3 basic ones and write on the other sheet and every day try to go to these 3 goals with some time you will understand that you have reached them. And when you look at those 20 goals and you will understand that from the time you reached them you reached it, you will not even notice it!) So do it and see! Here is my tell you a secret one of the goals to earn $ 500 on crypto currencies and I almost reached it, for me it's like adrenaline I'm very grateful that there was such a platform as steemit... follow me !