Good night everybody and today we will go to a gastro-journey just a little bit my style.We will discuss what products are appreciated in the market, as well find out what are the most useful and the most common products in different countries. I personally cook all information is taken from personal experience.. I've been thinking which countries to take for discussion and what products I think you will be interested ! 

 You ready to go?

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well, of course ))) my favorite.. I currently work for Japanese cuisine and I can tell you it is pretty interesting ! 

 Source the first product that came under my sight is Chuka. 

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Chuka is a seaweed with lots of iodine but not with such a bright scent. Very helpful pretty product but the taste does not fit all , taste pretty normal.All the vitamins which contain these algae are useful especially in winter to vessels and the heart. As well Chuka removes toxins from the body, and reduces the likelihood of depression ) As a sedative only not harmful !) So eat chuku and live happily ever after!

I want to draw attention to a product like Wasabi! Well, just do not fungible thing when you eat sushi!

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Wasabi is a Japanese plant used to make a seasoning is very spicy but delicious, and very useful! Growing wasabi in the ice streams mountain streams of Japan in other words wasabi is Japanese horseradish. The beneficial properties of this miracle condiment disinfection of the body, wasabi is so strong that it helps with asthma, the same killing disease-causing microbes of the body also say that the wasabi used in the treatment of cancer.. did you know ? this product can bring so much benefit to us! It's amazing!

And the third product is flying fish ROE tobiko , I decided to selectively take 3 products from each country since it is clear that millions of different products and useful )) I and life is not enough to describe them.

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This caviar is very popular and it's used in cooking in sushi bars. Its variety in tastes and colors. There are Black, Green, Red and Orange .. Green achieve with wasabi that is, it tangy ) red and Orange with soaking it in beet-carrot juice. Black is produced using squid ink... This caviar is considered a delicacy since it is very difficult to get and it is a lot of nutrients! Suggest you to consume such eggs if you have a great exercise.


And finally a very rich and colorful country known for rich dishes ! Its traditions made no small contribution to the catering! And this kitchen is very popular nowadays) 


Italian tomatoes Cheri! The sweetest tomatoes I say, even favorite variety of tomato in Italy their distinct sweet flavor complements some of the dishes with its freshness and sweetness!

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There are 3 types of these tomatoes are oblong, round, teardrop shaped, but very diverse color palette of yellow, green, red, pink! And they can be grown on the windowsill)) They are ideal for cooking pizza, pastas, salads, they can decorate your freshly baked lasagna believe me this product is very hard to ruin a dish!)Potassium which is contained in tomatoes is very good for the heart , and good displays excess fluid from the body! But the most valuable thing in tomatoes is lycopene using it you can prevent cancer of the esophagus , lungs and intestines.

Well, of course I could not resist and chose the Rosemary because the product is rare, and not all of it is used every day in the diet !! But in vain!


Rosemary is used in the kitchen in order to give aroma to the dish! It can be used as marinating meat , add in the potatoes and another very good read from rosemary with sea food as well when marinating mushrooms!Its usefulness is that it greatly affects our brain and improves our memory and performance !) So before work add it in your Breakfast !) And your success is guaranteed!

Basil is a popular product of Italy !

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Basil is actually a cure. But in Italy this product has become very popular and paints theirs dishes like pizza "Margita" and indeed with the development of gastro it is used a lot in any dishes sauces, such as pesto sauce.. It tastes a little bitter. Basil stimulates the immune system, and stimulates the immune system. He also has the treatment of all viral, bacterial and fungal diseases.



It is no secret that Ukraine is valued for its rogucki lands and we will talk about this product as "Beets"

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Beet this product is publicly available and not expensive which you can grow in the garden , it is used in salads, soups and even to make the dye!) Beet red and the fact that this product contains a lot of betaine, which reduces the amount of toxins in the body , of homocysteine which leads to cardiovascular disease!

Well, of course I will tell you about such well-known product like potatoes

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Actually the birthplace of the potato in South America , but in Ukraine, this product is very popular and appreciated.. it is Used for preparation of various dishes , and serve as a side dish.. the Potato is rich in starch , and all I think it is known that starch affects the human brain in a positive way ! Also helps to reduce cholesterol in the blood. Useful for those who have diseases connected with metabolism!

In Ukraine grows a lot of walnuts!


Walnuts grow on trees , and use it in the kitchen for the preparation of sauces , add to salads is very helpful! These fruits are rich in carbohydrates and possess anti-microbial properties. I recommend to eat nuts before bedtime! But not much ...I have described really is not a lot of products but I still think you will be good to know! In the next topic we will talk about spices!