Good morning everyone! And when the city ofDnepr ! Today I want to show you how we worked on another restaurant's menu of Japanese cuisine. Let me explain we have a couple of restaurants in town and on one initially, all coming up with the Chef and then taught other chefs at the other restaurant! And I was part of it!But first, before going to work I took a couple beautiful shots of our city! 

 After that, all the chefs headed to this wonderful and beautiful restaurant! 

 Here is a summer PlaygroundThen there is the main hall ! 

 And here the bartenders make a miracle drink! 

 Well, then we started to train the chefs and make elaborate dishes! 

 Here we see how children and their parents prepare a metre-long pizza for yourself! I'll tell you a secret of this pizza is only in mafia is the only one in our city! 

 And now JAPAN!

 In the photo you will see Rolls with smoked eel, Norwegian salmon, flying fish caviar! In chips tuna! Rolls was just amazing! 

 And this is the Philadelphia roll with salmon! 

 And it's all in our city! A lot of useful information we learned today from our Chefs ! Visited the other restaurants are very nice and tasty!On the clock I got here around 5: 00 and I'm sitting on the lounge trying to relax!) I think that I really need! Thank you all! Who read !!! Subscribe! Find out more!