Just recently I visited Georgia Tbilisi and the main city! This city is located near the banks of the Kura River.

And first of all, I certainly started taking pictures! This beautiful capital!

In fact, a beautiful city.

Next we went to the mountains and I took pictures of these beautiful landscapes

After that we went to the city to have a bite to eat!

Look at these beautiful gardens

Some buildings look like castles!

After all these adventures we were tired and went to eat!

The cooks of Georgia are cooking pork like that!))

The fish is just very tasty! I do not know how it was prepared that they added there but we liked it!

I could not resist taking a picture of our feast))) After a good dinner it was already dark and we returned home ...

The pictures were taken a little as the phone was sitting down ...

So I spent a day in one beautiful Georgian town!