Amazing panoramas from different corners of the Earth.Journey is a great way to escape from the ill-fated rhythm of the Affairs and duties, replacing the usual emotions with bright and fresh impressions; priceless acquire new knowledge and to overcome writer's block.Monotonous sitting in the office, traffic, lack of sleep, prolonged cold rapidly strengthen the idea of vacation, creating in the mind of dreams and plans about trips.It should be noted that every year the tourism less is in the status of fashionable and prestigious hobby and becomes a possibility of cultural and spiritual development. 

Many do not choose the place according to the principle "not to be ashamed to tell friends", and choose real gems for your soul.Interesting in our world there are hundreds of thousands of beautiful, amazing places. Often the most beautiful places and attractions are very far. Take with a fascinating tour of the top ten most beautiful and unusual places in the world. And let this be a virtual journey, but maybe it will further inspire you for real."Tunnel of love" Klevan, Ukraine 

 "Tunnel of love" in Klevan called a natural fence of trees and bushes, which grew over the railroad tracks near the station "Klevan" quite an unusual way. At some point, the government stopped cutting trees, and dense crown formed a makeshift grotto. So, if you are in love, then go for "Tunnel of love" together. And beware of the train, because despite the talk that W/d is not working, some images exist on the network train. 

 Island in the shape of a heart, Queensland, Australia 

 Pink lake Retba, Senegal

 Unusual coloring Retba purchased for several reasons. First, in the waters of the lake a lot of salt. Its concentration is about 40%. Second, there are living microorganisms are red in color because produce a special pigment for absorbing sunlight. This is a bacteria called Dunaliella salina. They allow the lake to have such unusual coloring. 

 Mont Aiguille, France 

 Valley of the Fallen, the mountains of Guadarrama, Spain 

 Lake Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia 

 Hang Sleep Dung, Vietnam 

 The biggest cave in the world. According to the researchers in an underground hall of the cave there will be enough space even for a 40-storey skyscraper.The most dangerous trail in the world "El Caminito del Rey", Spain 

 The trail is a narrow, curved path, just a meter wide; mounted on hammered in relief iron beams. Sometimes it becomes a place of death of tourists. 

 Golden rock, mount of mount kyaikto, Burma 

 Golden rock in Burma is a Prime example of balancing, it is located on the edge of a two-mile stretch of the mountains and, it seems, here-here will fall down, even slightly to shake! However, this does not happen for about nine centuries. The fact that the stone defies the law of gravity Buddhists considered it for a sign, covered it with gold and built on top of the pagoda. 

 Kotor Bay, Montenegro, Croatia

 The largest Bay on the Adriatic sea.Huanglong, Northwest Sichuan province, China 

 The Monasteries "The Meteora", Greece 

 Devil mountain, Wyoming, USA 

 Devil mountain has always intrigued the human irrationality of their occurrence among the plains that stretch there is not one hundred kilometers. Quite naturally, in ancient times, and sometimes in our days, for the locals, the rock idol was, who ought to worship, and many even feared for a long time to stand next to the Tower of the Devil, because on the top of the cliff had seen strange and inexplicable glow.Underground river Puerto Princesa, Philippines 

 Great ocean road, the South-Western coast of Victoria, Australia 

 Horizontal falls, Talbot Bay, Australia 

 Waterfall in Talbot Bay falls more in the horizontal than in the vertical direction. When you do this a couple of times a day it changes its course of flow. Nearby there is another similar waterfall. However, it is not as majestic and fast. However, these two miracles of nature are the only ones on the planet waterfalls that flow in the horizontal direction. 


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