Kamakhya Devi,Bleeding Goddess.,Assam,India

Mystery OfThe Kamakhya Temple/Bleeding Goddess: Kamakhya temple is a famous pilgrimage situated at Guwahati, Assam. The temple is located on the Nilachal hill in Guwahati at about 8 kms from the railway station. The Kamakhya temple is dedicated to the tantric goddesses. The Kamakhya temple is supposed to be the place where Sati’s womb and vagina part fell down. And that’s why; the temple set up there is taken as a symbol of fertility and strength of the woman. Bleeding Day: Ambuwasi Puja in which the goddess is said to be going through her yearly menstrual cycle. The temple remains closed for three days and opens up with great festivities on Day 4. It is also said that the river Brahmaputra turns red during this time. Whether it really is blood, or vermilion put by pandits is a question left unanswered. This is what indicates the temple about the bleeding goddess and the temple remains shut. Later, the holy water is distributed among the devotees. Black Magic Cured By Kamakhya Devi Sindoor: Kamakhya temple sindoor is supposed to have a blessing of Maa Kamakhya. This vermillion is called Kamiya sindoor which helps in black magic and Vashi Karan pooja. The process can be applied on your enemy or opponent. According to the story sindoor is used for preparing spiritual items which protect you from your enemy as well as resolve the black magic problems. The Kamiya sindoor possesses special properties of avoiding witchcraft problems and bhoot prêt badha. It is found in crystallized form and can be received by the priests of the temple.
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