1. Why is Mapala.net good for me? Why do I need it?

    Mapala.net is a global tourist knowledge base, social network and new generation corporation.

    At this stage of the project, you can post articles about your trips and interesting places and get paid for it. You can also learn some information from our original content.

    Further, the project will become a platform which will help you to plan the route of your trip and become your reliable partner in your journeys. We are creating a society where you will always find people that could give you a lift, let you stay in their place, share their lunch with you and show you the landmarks of their area anywhere in the world. And you will be able to get everything for free paying buy the currency you earn within the platform. And if you decide to organize a touristic even, you can even make money on that. All of it will not involve any third parties of fees from payment systems.

  2. What does Mapala mean?

    Mapala in Indonesian means a student who loves the nature.

    Mapala is an original Indonesian community and informal rescue service. It is an optional course in every university in Indonesia.

    Basically, it is a community of young people with amazing discipline, but they also are very simple, like to live it up and spend their time "rock'n'roll" style. Mapala is a brotherhood. This organization was established in 1964 and has attracted millions of people since then.

  3. What are the advantages of Mapala.net?

    The community unites touristic needs and modern IT technologies and due to this:

    • Authors get paid posting the quality content about the interesting places and touristic routes;
    • Organizers meet different travelers in their cities;
    • Anyone who wants to develop this project can join our team and get money or "shares" for the contribution made;
    • Investors can buy "shares" of the company and earn an income.
  4. What is p2p-tourism?

    The p2p principle means from "person to person". We don't work through agents, we make connections between trip organizers, event managers and landlords. We create convenient and fair communication system for all actors of the tourist market.

  5. What is the difference between Mapala.net and other popular resources like Tripadvisor.com, for example?

    The point of Tripadvisor or other similar platforms is advertising tourist services: tours, hotels, airlines and so on.

    Of course, it helps to plan a trip to another country. But advertising purposes of such websites have a negative impact on the information credibility about tourist attractions themselves.

    We want to create a global tourist knowledge base to help people in finding useful content about any city. That is why our website user will not be influenced by advertisements.

    Mapala.net is the common project which is made by people and for people. We are building a company "with a human face".

  6. How to register on Mapala.net?

    The detailed instruction on registration on Mapala.net is here.

  7. Do I need to have an account on Steemit.com to register on Mapala.net?

    Yes, you do. It is compulsory to have an account on Steemit.com to register on Mapala.net.

    We work in economic system of two projects - Steem (English version) and Golos (Russian version) at the same time, therefore the funds you get for your content are credited according to the system used in these project. This registration on one of the systems mentioned about allows you to get paid for posting articles on Mapala.net.

  8. How to post an article on Mapala.net?

    The detailed instruction is here.

  9. How to post media content?

    To post video content on Mapala.net, you can use the standard editor’s functions or post direct links to pictures and videos (youtube.com). But don't forget to mention the source of the pictures.

  10. How can I earn on my content on Mapala.net?

    Firstly you should post original and quality content. The more users upvote your article, the bigger your reward will be.

    But the amount of reward depends not only on a number of people upvoted your post, but also on their reputation on the platform, as the vote of the user with higher reputation bring you a bigger reward.

  11. I use markdown on steemit.com. Do you have it on Mapala.net?

    There is no markdown on Mapala.net. Only in comments. We use a standard html-editor.

  12. How can I reach a post author?

    You can talk to the author of the post through comments to his post.

  13. Will it be possible to send private messages on Mapala.net?

    This function will appear in future releases.

  14. My post is shown on steemit.com and Mapala.net at the same time. Why?

    Mapala.net is based on 2 blockchains - Steem and Golos used as a content storage database. That is why the articles posted on Mapala.net are shown on other websites based on those blockchains - Steemit.com for posts in English, Golos.io for Russian posts.

  15. If I write a post in Russian, is it reposted to Golos.io?

    Yes, if it is in Russian, it is reposted to Golos.io.

  16. What other information can I share with the community, besides articles?

    At this stage, we are working on the platform database. That is why you can just post articles. In future, we plan to make sections where the users can get to know each other, communicate or offer their goods and services.

  17. If I post on Mapala.net, will I get paid on Steemit?

    Yes, you will. The reward is credited in cryptocurrency tokens Steem and SteemDollar, as Mapala.net uses Steem blockchain.

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