Giving coverage to participation of the Mapala team in the international exhibition SUMMER-2017 we promised that interesting news about off-line activity of the dream team were waiting for you. Past two days were so filled that they couldn't be put inside one post.

Everything began on Tuesday - with team meeting where gathered @dark.sun, @lehard, @natasha, @Ac1d, @arjun, @uralresp, @kilogramm82 and your obedient servant.

Brain storm, dedicated to the strategy of project development, which had began in a cozy anti-cafe "White Leaf", lasted for about six hours. At the fifth hour of heated debate @lehard, @dark.sun and @arjun went to a meeting with Petr Osipov in BM for strategic negotiations.

Meanwhile @uralresp and @kilogramm82 had a meeting with a fascinating person - Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor, Laureate of the Gold Medal WIPO (UN), leading researcher of the Geographical Faculty of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Sergey Vladimirovich Kibalnikov. It turned out that Mapala project was extremely interesting for the MSU students, and this was a new impulse for developing - this time in off-line.

By 6 p.m. all team gathered in Digital October for meeting with Golos Team, dedicated to activists and developers, which theme was stated as "GOLOS Blockchain: opportunities for the developers".

About 80 people gathered in a cozy conference hall, but what wonderful people they were! Founding fathers of the Cyber Fund, Golos delegates, prominent IT developers. The report was started by Dima Starodubtsev aka @hipster who told about advantages of developing of the applications on Golos blockchain and prospects of collaboration.

CTO of the Cyber Fund Valery Litvin aka @litvintech, Mikhail Komarov and other members of Golos team gave their speeches too.

It was none other than the founder of the project, the Mapala architect Alexey Muravyev aka @dark.sun who represented Mapala team with a project for public, having told in details about its creation, mechanics and goals, and then answered a number of questions from the audience.

The founding fathers of Cyberfund made the evening's program even more interesting by organizing a Skype conference with CEO and CTO of Steemit - Ned Scott and Jeff Paul. The participants received the opportunity not only to listen to interesting performance of Steemit helmsmen interviewed by the project manager of Golos Sergei Simanovsky aka @serejandmyself, but also to ask questions, which did not fail to take advantage of @uralresp who asked Ned what he thought about the Mapala project. Ned was quite complimentary about Mapala having noticed that our project was very interesting and prospective and wished us good luck in its development.

After all the speakers were done, the participants of the evening could talk with the organizers and discuss a wide range of questions.

Appearing of the Mapala team comprised of eight members, dressed in branded black polos with stripes, caused a resonance and intense interest. The delegates of Golos approached the Mapalians to talk and get acquainted personally with some of them, because in absentia almost everyone had been already familiar with each other through Golos. Other participants also approached and took interest in features of the project realization, work of buffer architecture and so on.

And, of course, many of them took pictures together))

from left to right - @uralresp, @xtar, @dark.sun, @phenom

puzzled Dima))

common picture

After the end of the meeting, team went to have some rest and prepare for a new day which promised even more drive, new discoveries, interesting meetings and acquaintances...

To be continued...

Post was prepared by @phoenix