The second day of joint staying of Mapala team in Moscow promised to be hot. For this day there was only one main thing planned, but, oh boy, that thing was great! Joint march to the largest event in the field of crypto world and blockchain-technologies - Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia.

About the conference.

"...Blockchain is not only for IT-people. It is also for entrepreneurs and for end-use customers. The use of blockchain is not limited by crypto payments – smart contracts, auctions,

instruments of state property management, jurisprudence and logistic are built on its basis. And this list can be way longer!"

By 10 a.m. team gathered again in Digital October on Bersenevskaya embankment. It was quite a line at the entry: not only people from other cities, but from other countries gathered to visit such a significant event. There was even people who did not order the tickets on prepayment standing in line to buy them. Weekday, 10 a.m. People are standing in a queue to buy tickets for 18,000 rubles)

Inside, the team split.

Somebody went to listen to the reports that raised plenty of relevant topics...

Somebody spoke with potential investors giving them details on Mapala project.

Sometimes on the sidelines of Krasny Oktyabr extremely interesting interlocutors could be run into, such as, for example, the head of iziTravel, Alexander Tursky ...

... and one of the major shareholders of the Sky Way Companies group, Alexei Sukhodoyev.

And then, the team decided to liven up the hall filled by a quite roar of techno-geeks and crypto-investors and took out its talisman - Great Tambourine!

First, all slowly gathered in a circle...

And then we decided to walk around the whole floor) which had a definite resonance with the public.

During the course of the conference, guys from Mapala had an opportunity to speak with representatives of many interesting projects, both from among the speakers, and among those presenting their product at the stands. And in the case of the guys from Humaniq project things went even further: a joint interview was recorded, in which the representatives of Humaniq and Mapala answered each other's questions, talking about their products and development.

Meanwhile speakers' reports went on in the Digital October auditoriums. In one of them people discussed blockchain in banking, work on a draft law on the regulation of the crypto currency and the creation of a Russian blockchain-consortium.

In another one, debates on blockchain in telecommunications, insurance, notary and the Internet of things and asset management took place.

At 7 p.m. Mapala team with a feeling of a duty fulfilled went to the after party organized by CyberFund in the nearby club Gipsy, and for this we owe special thanks to guys. But this is quite a different story))

Long story short, the trip was a success! Many promising areas of cooperation have been initiated.

So many useful and necessary things happen these very days ... we can say that the Universe is smiling at us)

How is everything going? Well, according to the plan))

Stay with us, friends, and get ready to be surprised))

Post was prepared by @Phoenix