ALPHA 1.03

Added a “curation trail” function (it will work only with Steem right now).

Added receiving SBD for Steem Pre-ICO. Now, if you have some free SBD on Steem, you can use them to participate in MapalaNet Pre-ICO.

Added an ability to add the key from the author’s UNDEFINED page. Now we’re showing the user why their blog could be empty.

Added the previews in Telegram. Fixed metadata for every article, that would also allow better indexing by the search engines.

Added a module to repost into Facebook. You can use it in contests! ;-)

Also by the way, we launched a reserve Steem node and fixed a problem with the main Steem node.

Main forces of the CODING team is focused on the BETA release development. Also another Django programmer joined our team. He’s @Dark.Sun’s clone ;-))

The CODING team of MapalaNET