We bring to your attention the report according to the statistics of Mapala's community for last week.

    Posts and payments:

  • 330 posts are published in a week (+59%);
  • Amount of rewards for all posts 145423 rubles ($2503,84);
    Average reward for a post with mapala tag - 440,60 rubles ($7.58) (-37%);
  • The best post of this week again from @sharker. Post Baikal. Island of Olkhon. South side of the island collected 4816.74 rubles ($82.93) and 156 votes;
  • The greatest total award of one author. Here same leaders: again @sharker from 21092,7 rubles ($363.17) in a week is in the lead and the next to it the persecutor of @gildar gathered 10019 rubles ($172.5).
  1. Users

    At the time of publication of this post we had 392 users on Mapala.net 103 people signed up for last week. It's 2 times more than in the previous week.

  2. Active users

    Approximately growth by 1,5 times.

  3. The average time of presence on the site

  4. New users

    This chart shows the users who visited the site for the first time. This is slightly less than last week.

  5. Traffic Sources

    This week the external traffic has decently grown, especially from VK, although we did not do anything special for traffic growth from there. Also pleasant surprise has made @ammo , having mentioned us in the post in LiveJournal that has given nearly 40 transitions.

    *direct transitions are excluded
  6. Quantity of posts per day

    The quantity of posts this week has noticeably grown in comparison with last week.

We would like to thank all those who believe in our project and our team - sponsors and investors. Together, we are laying the foundation for future mapala.net.