Augrabies - The Falls and Floods

Augrabies is not just a gorge or canyon in the middle of a desolate wilderness, its also has a number of waterfalls at its head where the canyon is being actively eroded and lengthened. During our latest visit, the falls were not very impressive, kinda wimpy and one is left to wonder how can this small amount of water erode this massive canyon out of solid granite. This visit in December 2016, was at the end of a long drought lasting a number of years, water levels were extremely low. And so, the answer is quite simple, it doesn't really actively erode all the time. The major work is done during the few short weeks when the river is in flood During floods the entire length of the gorge at the head of the canyon turns into multiple waterfalls. Image source Going there when the Orange river is in full flood must be a truely awe inspiring event. Image source Vastly different from the falls in non-flood times. Image source
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Nice pics