A love story never spread

Fuente: http://simonagiorgino.blogspot.com.ar/2014_07_01_archive.html Caminito originally was an alley for the passage of the train, vulgarly we call ex vía. Caminito-1939.jpg As time went by, the train left and was a little road, now it is a path, it represents the living museum of the neighborhood of the mouth, Capital Federal, Argentina.

The tango in a music of my land, this dance was born in the middle of the nineteenth century as a means of expression of the lower class.

Tango caminito, one of the three most famous tangos in the universe, is composed by Juan de Dios Filiberto, the first to sing it was Carlos Gardel, dating the story was inspired by a love story lived in the neighborhood of the mouth .

The truth is another, the letter was composed by the poet Gabino Coria Peñaloza, an Argentinean citizen from the city of Mendoza, was inspired by a love story from the town of Olta Provincia de la Rioja. The true love story of caminito.

This passionate love gave place in the Province of the Rioja, in a small town of Olta, happened the year 1903, a trotamundos pilgrimage the country collecting tariffs. He went from town to town, charging for the treasury; On one occasion I visited the town of olta, which could only be accessed through a wooden walkway.

The tempest of nature made its magic, the river grew, leaving the town flooded. The stranger could not do anything but get lodging. The inhabitants of the village advised the mansion of the wealthy of the place, a lozano lineage proper to a good family.

At the moment of his lodging, I catch the eyes of the maidens, a good-looking man dressed in the period, his work of magnitude demanded, before such a beauty, could not resist the sucker of his landlord, a majestic damsel, who knew how to conquer the Heart of the knight.

When the sun bids farewell, giving away the star's own golden flashes, at that moment the little tortoliths took a spur along the flowering path; Caminito to the side of the river, sandblasted paths, covered with trees and flowering plants, a thalamaturgical alameda, divine gift for this pair of lovers, in this way love was consummated, mother nature witnessed this encounter, revelations and riots provoked By the birds, happy to be a vestige of this true love.

At the end of the road, where the sky meets the earth, amalgamated by the bridge that forms a rainbow, enchanted place the stranger declares his love to the lady.

The love grew, the walks were repeated whenever the sun was opposed, so the days went by, between walks and walks, both knew that one day he had to leave, the obligations demanded it, not before promising to return, the stranger one day Left

The fruit of love, rooted, the wealthy father did not delay in knowing that the seed that sowed love flourished in an act of despair and cowardice, distressed from what they would say, felt dishonored and disillusioned, took the decision , Who can take a father in this situation, banished the child, sending away from his home in punishment of his undoing.

One day the gentleman returned, to fulfill his promise, grave was the surprise his adored was no longer, remained in the village, waiting for the return of his beloved.

Every afternoon at sundown, he wandered along the path, remembering his beloved, walking the witness of his love, the birds did not sing, accompanied in silence the footsteps of the lover, they witnessed this tragedy of love ......... She never returns . Fuente: https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caminito Fuente: http://www.eltangocaminito.com.ar/ José Luis Corrientes Argentina