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Dear Friends of the Voz, thank you very much for supporting my work, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful story of my land, talks about the life of a young man in love and how through the tupa he became a bird, .

In the land without evil of the Guarani, a village of Guarani Indians was established on the banks of the Paraná River. In it lived a young man named Jahé, very close to the cacique, an old man of the village.

This young man was an excellent hunter, the main meat supplier of the village, although there were other hunters but Jahé was the one who hunted the most.

Jahé besides being a great hunter was very companion of the old cacique of the tribe, they spent the day together, the old man loved the jungle, every day with the young man went out to walk the narrow paths of red earth of the imposing Misionera forest, They traveled around observing the beauties of the thickets, plants, flowers and animals of the forest, they knew every corner of the forest, this was the main motive of Jahé's hunting success, knowing the secrets of the wise forest where to find The animals for their successful hunt.

The young man was very adventurous, he left very early to hunt, before the sun was out and he was in the middle of the jungle chasing the food of the day, this young man knew how to respect the natural resources only hunting for food, hunting animals was only one Excuse to go out to cross the thicket.

When he was not hunting he used to swim in the streams, always in the company of the old man, that's how he got to know the adobe, a mud that was on the side of the river.

Their dwellings were only roof of straws had no walls, what made a house very cold in the winter times.

Jahé very ingenious began to take this mud to the village, placing crossed sticks and coating with mud managed to create the walls of adobe, making a house more comfortable in the days of winter.

The brilliant young man lived a very happy life in the company of the old man, the people of the village loved him very much, his kindness and his concern for the welfare of the village bought the affection of all the inhabitants of the village.

His days were spent between home and walks with the old man, he had no idea that this was about to change his life.

Like every morning the young Jahé went out to hunt, on the side of the river he saw a capybara or capybara, with his arrows he hit the animal with such bad luck that the capybara reached the river and sank into the water.

Jahé had nothing to lose, no one to hurry him, sat on the edge of the river to wait for the animal to take a breath, was very tired and fell asleep.

Very tired he slept for a long time, between sleep he heard a noise in the water, he woke up quickly believing that he would be the capybara, but he was hard of the surprise, could not believe what they saw his eyes ... holy mother jungle! It was what Jahé pronounced, stunned, quickly hid behind some shrubs not to be seen by the beautiful woman who swam like wine to the world in the waters of the Parana.

A beautiful woman of angelic figures, perfect body of brown skin, beautiful shapes like guitar figure, the best trained instrument that have seen his eyes, the girl finished her morning bath and ran out of the water entering the jungle paths.

The young Jah stealthy as a hunter following his prey was behind the beautiful young woman, saw him dressed as he went into the jungle, the eyes of the young hunter had never before been so dilated, not to lose detail of the beautiful woman .

Jahe followed her through the jungle without being seen, the girl belonged to a neighboring village, the young hunter knew where the beautiful girl lived, Jahé not only met the girl, but also knew love at first sight.

Jahé, accompanied by the old cacique, appeared in the neighboring village, the girl turned out to be the daughter of the most feared cacique of the region, before the presence of cacique Jahé professed his admiration for the young indiecite, but the young hunter was not his only suitor .

The beautiful girl had many suitors, the father of the girl as a good cacique decided to perform some feats and the serious victor would be the one who would marry the beautiful girl.

Several youngsters including Aguara and Jahé showed up on the day of the contest, knowing that the winner would have the girl's heart, Jahé's maximum opponent was Aguara, if he could beat him, he would be the lucky winner of the most precious good of the jungle.

All the participants had to pass a test, they had to wear fresh animal leather and exposed to the sunlight, the rays of the sun shrinking the fresh skins exerting a lot of pressure, much of the young suitors could not stand the pressure of the leather and left the Test, only Aguara and Jahé remained.

These courageous young men endured the pressure for hours, until Aguara decided to give up the test, please ask them to remove the leather, put too much pressure on his body, all ran to his aid and forgot to attend Jahé.

When the commotion passed, they went in search of the young winner, they looked everywhere they could not find the winner, in the middle of the cleaned on the ground floor was thrown the leather clothes that Jahé used.

They all looked at each other, did not understand what had happened, slowly came up to the robe, and from inside came a small bird flying over the branches of a tree.


The Tupa, the God of the Guarani when he saw how the young man died for love, turned him into a bird, allowing him to live on earth forever, the beautiful Indian woman, seeing the true love she felt for her Jahé, asked the tupa to turn him into a bird To live together in love.

If you pay attention to these birds you will always be two, they are Jahé and the beautiful indiecita, who live happily ever after.

Young Jahé learned to build houses of abobe in his youth, this is the reason he is the only bird that builds his nest of twigs and mud, these teachings shared with his descendants.

Because of these teachings we have the privilege of seeing constructive birds in our day, the intelligent Bird Baker.



José Luis Corrientes Argentina

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