Celebrities of my country the child prodigy of soccer

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Dear Friends of the Voz, thank you for supporting my work, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful story of the maximum idol of world football, and is Argentino, which few know of the private life of the child prodigy and says so.

Lionel Messi, the story that few know, the man who fits and dresses behind the ball. The Tupa Lionel is another celebrated person of my country, his lineage is native of Italy, was born on June 24, 1987 in the city of Rosario Province of Santa Fe. Son of Horacio Messi and doña Cecilia María Cuccittini, his parents are people Humble, he is a factory worker and she is a domestic servant. He has three brothers, Rodrigo, Matías and María Sol, Grandson of gift Ángelo Messi and of Dona Celia Olivera de Cuccittini. Married to Antonella Roccuzzo, father of two children Thiago Y Mateo. Primo of two well-known soccer players, Maximiliano and Emanuel Biancucchi The general district Las Heras acuno the first years of life of the flea, today the legend of the National football, its older brothers, its cousins ​​and the idol played to the ball on the street Ayacucho, in front of the altar of the gauchito gil. "We bought the land, we began to build little by little and there were born our four children.We always go back to our neighborhood, because in it we meet with all the neighbors.Here are the true roots of the family"

                                                                          - His Mother Cecilia Cuccittini - the newspaper El País -

"The last time they saw Lionel was three years ago and at that time he could not go out and everyone would ring him to greet him and take a picture." -Liliana Neighbor of Lionel- the newspaper El País- His first studies the course in the Colegio Las Heras, regular student, stood out in gymnastics, music and plastic. He attended class in the company of his mother or his Aunt Marcela, studying in the establishment from garden to sixth grade.

"He was very calm and he did not excel as a student, he fulfilled the duties and tasks that we commanded him and he did not generate problems"

"What I liked most about school was recreation, I played ball all the time. I have the image of him in the backyard always behind a ball made with whatever he got"

                                                                   - Andrea Liliana Sosa-Maestra 5 5th and 6th grade-

The Lionel elementary school would be 60 years old in 2005, received the visit of Lionel as a student. This already consecrated as the world figure of Futbol. "It was an act in the morning and we took a picture with everyone in the courtyard." He received a big ovation and then returned another afternoon to sign autographs " "At that moment when he came to school he embraced me, he greeted me very affectionately, although I thought he would not remember me. It is always an emotion that someone you had in school, with whom you shared so many moments, is a person So well known and successful "

                                                                    - Andrea Liliana Sosa-Maestra 5 5th and 6th grade-

Lionel is a player from the cradle, when he was five years old, he was playing in a professional club, Grand Flagbearer, his first coach was Salvador Aparicio, he went through the Central de Córdoba and Juve in the lower Newell's Old Boys where he won the Copa de The Friendship of Peru in 1997

"I made six or seven goals per game, it was something supernatural, every time I see him play I start to cry"

                                                                     - Salvador Aparicio - first coach of messi-

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNLQVPIM9SY Fuente: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsgdkLqT3n6k712agJFkm3Q Carles Rexach, technical director of FC Barcelona, ​​discoverer of the talent of Tupa Lionel, who offered to pay for the medication that would cure Lionel's growth hormone deficiency disease that was detected a year earlier, if he agreed to play in the lower La Masía, FC Barcelona, ​​this is how the greatest football idol Argentino traveled to Spain.

Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini is his full name. In 2007 I created the Leo Messi Foundation. A foundation that helps children and adolescents in the streets, provides assistance in the area of ​​health and education, built playgrounds and sports centers, a being ready to collaborate with charities, in 2010 was named ambassador of Goodwill of Unicef .

Leo Messi, playing football at number 10 in Club Barcelona, ​​legend of the Argentine national team, the best player in the world, one of the most outstanding of all time, the World Soccer Tupa. The Tupa is the only one in the Football Chronicle that has won five times the FIFA Ballon d'Or, the first to receive three Gold Boots.

The following paragraphs do not correspond to my authorship, I want to cite original passages in order not to distort the official communication. Titles and statistics that support his career as the best in world football.

Guinness World Records title for most official goals in the same year Most goals scored in the same club season: 73 goals in 60 matches Maximum attendant worldwide in official matches Player with more goals in official matches in his club and his selection in the same season Highest number of goals in international matches in the same club year and national team First player to score all the teams of a tournament of First Division in the same season More consecutive games scoring at least one goal in First Division Only player in history to achieve in the same season the Golden Ball, the FIFA World Player, the Pichichi Trophy and the Golden Boot Maximum winner of the Golden Ball award Most podium times in the Golden Ball Top scorer in a UEFA Champions League match Top scorer of the UEFA Champions League Player to score in more cities for the UEFA Champions League Increased number of hat-tricks in the UEFA Champions League Highest winner of the UEFA Best Player Award in Europe Argentine top scorer in official matches Top Scorer counting all selections Player with more goals as captain of the Argentina National Team Most goals scored in the same year (national team) Argentine player with more official titles Younger player wearing the Argentina National Team jersey in a World Cup and turning Younger player to reach the 100 international matches with a selection belonging to CONMEBOL First Argentine player and fourth South American to mark the 9 selections belonging to CONMEBOL La Liga's top historical scorer Highest historical assistant in La Liga First player to score 400 goals (in official and friendly matches) for the same club in the whole history of Spanish football Top scorer of La Liga in the same season Youngest player to score 200 goals in La Liga Top scorer of doubles in La Liga Most matches with 3 or more goals scored in La Liga in the same season Only player to score more than 20 goals in eight consecutive seasons in La Liga Second player to have marked all the teams of the League in the same season First player in the history of the First Division that manages to mark in more fields Top scorer in the history of El Clásico Increased number of hat-tricks in the history of El Clásico Top scorer in the history of the Spanish Super Cup Top scorer of the Pichichi Trophy in a single season FC Barcelona Top scorer in the history of the club counting friendly Top scorer in official matches Maximum assistant in the history of the club counting friendly Top assistant in official matches Top scorer in international tournaments (UEFA Champions League, UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup): Top scorer at the Camp Nou Top scorer in away matches in La Liga: Player with more triplets in official competitions Player with more triplets in La Liga Foreign player with more official matches played Foreign player with more games played in La Liga Player with the most titles obtained: 29 titles (8 Primera División de España, 4 UEFA Champions League, 4 Copa del Rey, 7 Supercopa de España, 3 Supercopa de Europa and 3 FIFA Club World Cup).

"Once Messi starts running, it's impossible to stop him. He is the only player who can change his rhythm as he pleases. Messi is a PlayStation player. Take advantage of every mistake we make. [...] They are a very good team that also have the best player in the world. Messi is very young and can get great things. He still has six or seven more years at a high level and can mark a time. Of impossible things, it makes them possible. I do not know many players capable of scoring the fourth goal as he did. "

                                                                        - Arsenal coach Arsène Wenger-

"Is the best. There is no other. I can always say that I have trained him. On the day he wants, he will make six goals.

                                                                                                   - Commentary by Pepe Guardiola -

"Messi is an extraterrestrial that is dedicated to play with terrestrial, the only thing I hope is that this Saturday is just as terrestrial as the rest of us."

                                                                                   - Gianluigi Buffon, Juventus goalkeeper -

"He is a player who can not be described, you just have to see him, marvel and admire him. Messi is a player with one level above all others.

                                                                                       - Commentary by Oscar Washington Tabárez-

Undisputed leader of world football, his achievements qualify him, a boy like many others from my land, perhaps with less luck than Lionel Messi. Messi is another example of the Argentine Provincial, he is considered the god of Argentine soccer, child prodigy of world football, this is my small tribute to you brother Argentine.

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