Chinese Folk Legend Good Fortune or Bad Fortune

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Dear Friends, today I want to share with you a material of Chinese origin the popular history of luck, surfing the web I cross with this interesting legend, a farmer openly exposes his way of seeing things, this causes a lot of commotion in the rest of the habitants.

A long time ago in a town of China lived a young man with his father a humble man who worked on the land, this boy was his only son.

The young man was very hardworking and his father's companion, since they did not have machines to work the earth they spent all day and every day working.

Every day they began to work before dawn and they ended up when the sun was against them, many hours of work dictated by lack of tools, their only help was their hands, they were very happy with the work, they were always in a good mood and very grateful Of having a job, happy with his good luck.

At dawn as every day began with their activities, they did not know that it was about to change their luck, in the distance rose a dust clouds, could see a wild horse coming down from the hill, came straight to the farm, very confident tempted By the smell that came from the barn entrance to the property of the young man.

The very sly young man saw the opportunity to improve the work with the help of the animal, slowly went to the barn and found the animal very calm eating the cereals and vegetables that were kept in the barn, slowly so the animal did not become scared closed The barn door with the animal inside. Small town, big hell says the saying, in a few hours the news traveled to every corner of the town, neighbors very happy came to congratulate the father of the young man, in those days nobody received a gift of that nature.

This was cause for celebration, each neighbor brought something to share and the party was set up, the village was small but had its politician on duty.

Knowing the mayor of the town of this unexpected party could not miss the opportunity to say a few words in favor of his political campaign.

The timely mayor appeared at the party, clapped the humble peasant and whispered a few words, beautiful gift made you nature, you have a beautiful horse and the best that was free, you did not have to pay a single currency, Is to have good luck pronounced the brand new mayor ... .. The humble farmer replied, let one know if it is for good luck or is for bad luck, time will tell.

The neighbors heard these words, could not believe that this man did not appreciate his luck, how many would have wanted to be in his place, very disillusioned began to say goodbye and returned to their houses.

The next morning, before sunrise the farmers began to work, the young man looked at the barn saw the door open, the horse not knowing how he could open the door and back from where he came.

Soon the news spread, the very sad neighbor went to the farm of the humble farmer, to accompany the poor farmer with his bad luck.

The mayor asked to say a few words on behalf of the whole population, we are very sorry for the loss of your horse, you can not have so bad luck. Express the mayor.

The farmer listens thoughtfully to the mayor's words and responds in the same way that the previous time, whether one is for good luck or bad luck, time will tell.

A silence overwhelming reign in the meeting, the neighbors were left thinking .... That meant this man with those answers, as it is possible that nothing affects the mood of this man! Very intrigued the neighbors with the situation.

The days passed the young man and his father continued to work with the same happiness as always, one morning the horse arrived with other horses and yaguas, the young man opened the doors of the corral and gave asylum to all the animals.

A neighbor saw what happened and ran to tell the whole town, it did not take long for the neighbors to return to congratulate him on his good fortune, as always the man was very calm, immune to happiness as if it would not happen there Nothing, the neighbors were very astonished, as this farmer can not see his fortune!, They wondered, this time a woman was encouraged to speak.

Sorry for the neighbor who speaks, but the truth nobody understands, as you can not see and smile the good luck you have, yesterday you had a horse and now you have ten, without spending a single peso, you can sell it and have money, said the neighbor.

The farmer listens thoughtfully to the neighbor's words and responds in the same way as the previous time, whether one is for good luck or bad luck, time will tell.

The neighbors could not believe what they were hearing .... They said this guy is crazy! As he can not see how fortunate he is, ten free horses !, he has a fortune !, poor man, how sad he can not see how lucky he is.

The days passed as the horses got used to their new home, the young man thought it was time to tame the wild horses, if the idea was to sell them could only do if they were docile horses.

He chose a very tame mare to start the dressage, he saddled the animal, let him get used to the mounts and climbed, the mare became frightened and began to jump madly, the boy fell, with such bad luck that he fractured a leg and Several ribs, the father ran to help the young man, seeing that the situation was serious I take the young boy to the house of the nearest doctor.

The news soon became known in every corner of the town, the inhabitants as usual attended to support the farmer, all together waited for the news of the doctor, a few hours passed the professional went to give a medical part.

I want to say that the boy is well, luckily it was only a big scare, luck accompanied him and fractured one leg and ten ribs, but by the gravity of the fall could have been worse ......... said the village doctor, the Quieter people returned home, a person approached the farmer and told him.

I'm very sorry about what happened to your son, what a bad luck they have, poor boy.

The farmer listens thoughtfully to the words of this man and responds in the same way that the previous time, whether one is for good luck or is for bad luck, time will tell.

Some remaining neighbors could not believe what they were hearing, what madness this man! The neighbors said without understanding the reaction of the humble farmer.

The poor boy had to keep his bed, he had to complete a month's rest on medical advice, that was bad luck! The boy was bored when he was in bed, the days never passed, they were endless.

Things are not right in the country, as if it was not enough to start a war complicating things, the nation needed the collaboration of young people to deal with the invaders.

This was news of bad luck, the authorities issued a radio statement, making it known that the nation needed the hand of the young.

The boys should attend to defend the country, as this town was very retired the news do not arrive, someone should attend to communicate them, one day a contingent of soldiers arrived to recruit the youth of the village, visited all houses and finally Presented on the farm of the humble farmer.

We have in our records that this property lives a young man of age, able to attend to defend the homeland, the man answered, nothing would make me happier to know that my son serves our nation, but please come and see for yourselves Said the farmer.

When they entered, they saw the young man lying on the bed without being able to move, his legs plastered to the groin and all plastered torso, the soldiers saw the young man disabled and granted the military discharge.

The gossiping neighbors saw this situation, when the military retired, approached the farmer and told them, we are very sorry, they have taken our children to war, some may not come back, but you look at the luck you have, Son have not summoned him.

The farmer listens thoughtfully to the words of the neighbors and responds in the same way as always, let one know if it is for good luck or it is for bad luck, time will tell.

This is an old Chinese teaching, no one can know what destiny has prepared for us, we often celebrate the things we think are good and then they get complicated, at other times we think they are bad and have a happy ending, It says no evil that for good does not come.

Whether one knows if it's for good luck or it's for bad luck, time will tell fuente: Fuente:

José Luis Corrientes Argentina