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fuente: http://dcdcapital.com/galleries/mil-anuncios-com-caballos-en-cadiz-venta-de-venta-de.html This is a very popular fable, in a farmhouse lived a peasant with his two dogs, the animals were very loyal to the owner who had trained them, each dog had a very important function within the organization of the stay.

One of them a large black dog, had the function of accompanying his owner when he was going to farm, the other dog of smaller size of cinnamon was the guardian of the estancia.

The black dog liked to go out hunting, his job was to walk in the nose sniffing some animal trace, when it surprised some animal like a hare or a partridge gave the signal to alert them to hunt, at the end of the day He ended up exhausted and full of hips stuck in his coat.

It was not a simple job, often working very hard, sniffing prey without being able to hunt one.

Other times he had been very happy after having hunted several beautiful specimens, the master was very proud of his dog and gave good caresses in his neck, thanking the good hunt.

Thank God he gave me this dog, he's the best hunter I've ever met! His master said.

Meanwhile the cinnamon dog came out to greet them very happy moving their tail, circling around with a few small jumps, is what homem dogs do when their masters arrive, they rub in their pants, lick their hands in sign of affection And gratefulness, then the grateful master cuts a piece of piece and gives it to his but guardian.

Take dear friends, a piece of prey for each one, remember that I love you equally, I do not want any quarrels between you! Said the master.

The homemade dog ran very happy with his gift, however the hunter dog was not very happy with the prize, did not feel that his master was fair, he only did the work on the day of home.

One day, tired of injustice, he said to his friend.

I'm tired of this situation, I can not stand it anymore, the one who does all the work is me, instead you stay in the house resting in the shade of the trees!

Your friend answered very calmly, understanding that he has not done anything, I recognize your great work, I admire your way of working, I know that my job is to be lying here, eating and resting.

Hearing these words the hunter dog became more angry.

Does that sound good to you? Let it work for me! I work hard friend, looking and hunting prey, I run, I bark, I jump, I fill my skin with skunks, I finish the day exhausted, I return and you are lying on the floor resting, then you give some twins, you suck some stockings and you get the same That prize is not fair! The one who works is me! I deserve prey, you do not!

The cinnamon dog, listening intently to the words of the hunter.

Friend you are absolutely right!

The hunter dog's heart sank and I answered.

Of course I'm right, if I did not I would never be speaking!

The cinnamon dog had grown tired of the reproaches and answered

For more than an hour I have been holding you, you are absolutely right, but the fault is not mine, if you want to complain to the master, he is to blame for not teaching me to hunt, all this time I let myself live the effort of the Other, at the end of the day I only carry out orders!

The hunter dog was surprised with the answer, it was true, the fault was the master who never demanded a cinnamon job, let him live a life of laziness.

After hearing these words he went to speak with the master, this could not continue in this way, it was not reasonable and just the prize he received for his work, from today should change the way to give back.

The master listened very carefully to the complaints of the hunter dog, understood perfectly the claim of the working dog, apologized and promised that the premise would be fairer, from that day, amaestro the cinnamon dog making him an excellent partridge hunter dog, began to To hunt among the three, and to distribute the game of fighters more equitably.

Moreleja: to feel proud of your achievements, you must learn that things are won with the effort of individual work, try to learn to do things and to overcome you day by day in what you do, you will see how you enjoy personal achievement.

Fuente: http://www.mundoprimaria.com/fabulas-para-ninos/los-dos-perros-del-cazador/ José Luis Corrientes Argentina

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