Felines of the earth without evil of the guaranies

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Dear Friends of the Voice, thank you very much for supporting my work, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful material, speaks of an imposing feline native of my land, I invite you to meet him.

The Yaguareté, Yaguar is a cunning carnivore of my land, is considered the largest feline in America, can be found from the south of the United States to the northeast Argentina, is related to the leopard, predominate in dense and humid forests, likes Swimming is very common to see him prowling the estuaries and lagoons.

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It is a solitary animal, a predator opportune, hunting by surprise, by its force, its fangs and its powerful bite attacks directly to the neck of its prey, usually its bite is Mortal.

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My dear yaguareté is in danger of extinction, one of the main problems is the progress of man on nature, deforestation is gaining ground and is being lost the habit of the animal, although international trade is banned, this ladino dies in the hands Of the peasants, deforestation is destroying the pieces that are inside their diet, forcing the animal to attack domestic animals, such as cows, horses, sheep, goats, the farmer defends his goods and does not measure the consequences for this beautiful animal In danger of extinction, is the most emblematic species of my land, it is estimated that in my land there are only 100 copies of yaguareté and 250 the total of its species.

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The jaguaret is one of the few felines that can face the man, is the greatest predator of America, not only for its strength and size, also for its hunting cunning, to take the prey by surprise.

The jaguareté possesses a lot of mystery around him, one of the many is the yaguareté-abá or the yaguareté man.

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At the side of the Paraná River in an indigenous settlement lived a famous warrior named abá, those who knew him as a young man claimed to have no opponent in a battle, anyone who challenged in a contest lost his life. Abá was of rather medium build, did not appear to be a beast, so those who did not know his fame wanted to fight him.

A medium-bodied person with few words, with finely formed and marked muscles, the scars betrayed the amount of battles he had won.

Mysterious warrior, some said that he had made a pact with the yaciyatere obtaining his protection, others spoke of being the son El Tupã Tenondete, others attributed a pact with the Ñandeyara (the supreme) others said that it was a God who had descended from heaven, Fought a fight with the sun and overcame it, various mystical justifications attributed to the brave warrior.

Those years of the brave warrior had passed, the years advanced as well as his legend, he was no longer a young man, he was a little older, he kept the physical mark but he could not hide the passage of time, he spent his days, Liked to make contact with nature, possessed the gift of talking to animals, within the routine of his walk was to jump to the emptiness of the enchanted saint, a jump of 64 meters of height, a great swimmer, the days of fury had passed , Peace reigned in his heart, gave way to the new generation of warrior. Despite his age he was still respected for his career in

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On a day like every day, he wandered along the narrow paths of the forest, contemplating the majestic thicket, not knowing that his quiet days were about to end, his exploits transcended his village, reaching remote villages, young warriors wanted to prove their skill, Guided by evil goblins, reached the side of the Parana where this brave warrior lived, they caught him unawares among several natives of the remote villages, who, by his carelessness, could not do anything to protect his apologue, left him lying in the jungle, believing that they had Ended with the legend of the brave warrior, a normal person would not have resisted such a contest, the warrior abá entered the mount, does not hate to be seen in that state, disappeared as if nothing, the whole village began to ask for abá.

The warrior, as well as that, disappeared. He was admitted to the forest, healed his wounds, those of his body, those of his heart were open and bleeding, hatred grew stronger, but he was limited, age was no longer that young warrior. That he had to face alone against a whole village, he was preparing for battle but he could not reach the level of his youth, he was worried about it, he was talking to you with nature, he asked where those years of warrior were, right now He needed it most.

The elf of the mountain listened quietly, fearful of the fury of the warrior, one day while the warrior slept he presented himself in the dream, he confessed a secret that the goblin kept jealous, I indicated the way of recovering his strength.

At dawn the warrior remembered the words of the goblin, you must take a remote journey and you hunt the animal more danger the tiger, you will bring the leather, when you leave the moon you must turn on it, three turns from right to left, Creed upside down.

He set out for the tiger in the remote spot, on several moons and several moons back, and carried the hide of the dangerous feline.

When the old warrior passed the night, he did as the goblin indicated, he turned around and recited the creed upside down and became the yaguareté-abá (animal man) regained the strength of a young warrior, he was ready to Punishing his enemies, reversing the spell, did what the goblin indicated, gave the three turns on the leather but this time in reverse from left to right and the recitation of the creed in normal way returning to normal.

The goblin assured him that this was going to happen as long as he respected the slogans, it must be night and return before the sun rises.

Being well prepared, he carried out the spell, set out on his way to the remote village of his enemies, attacked them by surprise, taking a great leap over the body of the enemy, directed his mouth to the neck of his victim, a certain death by the power of his bite.

These beliefs are still alive, in the descendants of the indigenous Guarani people, you hear in the remote areas of the city, in the countryside, it is very common to hear in the provinces of Entre Ríos, Corrientes, Misiones and much of the Republic of Paraguay .

Older people claim to have seen the yaguareté-abá, hunting their prey by surprise, making a great leap forward to the jaw, to ensure the death of their victim.

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The powerful mystic yaguareté, mysterious Felino and emblematic of my forest. King of the thicket the most feared predator of America, today in a state of extinction.

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