Gift from nature Monsters from my river Paraná

fuente: Paraná in Guaraní means a relative of the sea, it is the most preponderant river of South America and second in longest channel of South America. Fuente: In Brazil, from the convergence of the Rio Grande and the Paranaíba River, it passes through four countries, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay and five provinces, Misiones, Corrientes, Chaco, Santa fe and Buenos Aires and flows in Rio de la Plata .

The relative of the sea is the most transcendental of my land, it is an inexhaustible source of food for my people, supplier of exquisite fish dishes, treasures in its bed numerous species of fish, in it is found, dorado, surubí, palometa , Pacú, vogue, pati, salmon, mojarra, chad, armed, virreina, catfish among so many more species.

Rio very seductive, seduces the weak lovers of the fishing, it offers you infinity of lands to enjoy a Saturday day, to change the routine, to coexist with the nature to the side of the Paraná river.

I invite you to visit the Paraná, for its fishing villages.

The first place to visit is ituzaingo a beautiful locality of my province, here is the integration contest with return of the surubí. Fuente:

Fuente: We said goodbye to Ituzaingo with a magnificent fishing, we climbed the boat heading for the Patria, another enchanted place of my land.

In this locality the National Fiesta of the Dorado is organized. Fuente: Fuente: Fuente: Our step by step of the homeland, leaves us grateful memories, giving rise to a new visit, to capture the tiger of the Parana the Golden Majestic.

The coasts of Goya await us to participate in the National party of the surubí. Fuente:

Fuente: Goya paradisiaco place, host of one of the imposing fiestas that has fishing in my province.

The last place that we are going to visit in this fishing tour, is the locality of Esquina or the City of the squares, by his 1800 squares that this town.

Here is celebrated the National party of the Pacu Fuente:

Fuente: I want to say goodbye to you with these images of my dear Parana. Fuente: Fuente: Fuente: Fuente:

José Luis Corrientes Argentina