Guaraní legend the eternal love of itatay and yaguati


Hello dear friends of the voice, thank you very much for supporting my work, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful Guaraní legend, speaks of a couple of natives who will have to spend horrible cokes to live happily ever after, a beautiful story that begins like this .

This is a Guarani legend, it happened long ago in the land without harm of the Guarani, in the Amazon jungle of Misiones, in a clear of the thicket was established a village of Guarani Indians, in it lived a cacique with his beautiful daughter Itatay , This young woman had a suitor named Yaguati, a brave warrior and skillful hunter.

This couple found each afternoon to take a walk in the jungle, walked the narrow paths of the jungle taken by hand, contemplating the beauty that gave the thicket, a magic walk where they enjoyed the songs of the birds, flying the hummingbird , The butterflies' flutters, the beautiful colors of the flowers, the sound of the water running down the stream, a magnificent walk worthy of this pair of lovers.

Yaguati wanted to hunt with the beautiful young woman, the cacique was in agreement with this request, but had to be prudent and consult the decision of the moon, the cacique called the Tuyá (soothsayer) asked to consult the moon if gave approval to this Union.

The Tuya made an offering sending to the moon, together with the request to see and intercede in the union in marriage of these young people, the soothsayer had to be attentive to some signal that would emit the moon.

At nightfall, a beautiful and shining moon appeared on the missionary jungle, its luster was majestic, never seen until that night, the Tuya interpreted like an approval of the moon for the union in marriage of the young lovers.

Very happy Yaguati and Itatay received the news, they could not wait to celebrate the union so desired, their afternoon of walks increased, a walk through the thicket around the wild animals, flowers and trees was a real delight for these Young people, shared beautiful afternoon swimming in the solitude of the lagoon, the only birds witness to this true love.

The definite date of the union was approaching, the caique of the tribe organized a great party to announce this union so precious, there would define the feat that the young man in love had to fulfill to win the right hand of the bride.

The party began as planned, everyone enjoyed the dance provided by the youth of the village, the cacique gathered the anxieties to define the test to overcome Yaguati, the meeting ended and the party was interrupted, Itatay's father asked for the floor, It was the responsibility of the cacique of each village to announce the proof that the boyfriend should perform.

The anguish has decided the chief, the test Yaguati must do is throw himself into the dangerous waters of the Paraná, cross to holy field and must bring, a hare leather, a deer's horn, the jaguar's claws, a pheasant's feather , And the flesh of a great boar.

If the bridegroom does not meet this challenge the bride is ready for another warrior to claim their love, defined the cacique, this is the decision of the anxieties and will be done.

The young warrior, a great hunter of animals since childhood and an excellent swimmer, could not have any problem in performing this feat, before dawn and shortly before the party culminates Yaguati victorious return fulfilling all the requirements that had been assigned .

The whole village sang and danced happily for this union, it was defined that the celebration of the wedding would take place in three days, a large bonfire with ñandubay wood burned, this was the sacred campfire and the last test to be overcome by the groom , The campfire could not be turned off during the three days and nights, if it faded it was a bad omen and marriage was not realized in marriage.

A whole town assembled around the great flame that provided the woods of the ñandubay, danced, sang, drank and ate the savory meat of the boar, a great party organized the cacique, a daughter does not marry every day, this would have to be his Best party since he only had one daughter.

The first day of celebration came out very well the sacred flame sent fire as if it were a volcano, to follow everything so there would be no danger of the flames going off, the celebration continued as the first day, they were arriving on the morning of the third day, When night came the celebration of the union of these young men should be celebrated, when everything seemed to be well, a great rain took place, taking the natives of the town unprepared and did not have time to cover the sacred fire, the fire was extinguished, Was a bad omen for these young people, they called to Yours so that of their verdict on what happened.

The Tuya spoke, this is the displeasure of the Tupa, is the sign of their disapproval of this union in marriage, young Itatay is free to be claimed by another or other warriors of this tribe, said the village wizard.

All the village a great commotion, no one could believe how things turned out, the young people started talking among themselves and several joined to claim the beautiful Itatay, was legal, the father and cacique of the village publicly announced it, was in his right Reclaiming the hand of the beautiful woman.

Seeing this the couple decided to cross the Paraná to sacred field, they threw themselves to the waters of the river in the direction of the holy ground, the young suitor of Itatay very angry by this treason began to insult the pair.

Yaguati and Itatay were swimming slowly through the dangerous waters of Paraná, beautiful Itatay was helped by her beloved, slowly gained space to the brave river, with a great effort could advance from a few meters, Ñuatí (Espina) some of the pretender of the beautiful girl , Threw an arrow with his bow, the rest of the suitor very angry began to shoot with their bows and arrows, a rain of sharp arrows fell on Yaguati and Itatay, very poorly wounded sank in the waters of the brave Parana.

The sun was opposing behind the waters of the Paraná, indignant by the action of the natives became red like fire, blood-colored dye the firmament, the waters of the Paraná and all the jungle missionary.

Seeing this reaction of the sun, the natives ran away from the fright of the river, the pair of lovers helped by the merciful Tupa, could emerge from the waters and pass to the sacred field.

The Tupa for being two good young people helped to leave the waters of the brave Paraná, allowing them to live together forever.

The sun from that time until our days before opposing turns red to be alert to another possible attack. This is why the correntinos sunsets are stained red.



José Luis Corrientes Argentina