Guarani legend The sad end of Isiro


Thank you very much dear friends of the voice for supporting my work, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful legend speaks of a beautiful young girl, who likes the jungle a lot, one day strolling there, find her worst nightmare, a beautiful Story that begins like this

It was difficult time in the land without evil of the Guarani, the indigenous communities were very convulsed, constant struggles were provoked daily, on the banks of the river Parana was the village of Cacique Ñaembe, father of a beautiful woman named Isriro.

Isriro, a lovely young woman, very nice and affectionate, loved by the whole village, much sought after by the young Indians, she kept herself distant from love, spent her days knowing the jungle.

Before the sun was out, she would finish with her obligations, she would eat breakfast and go into the thicket, she would walk up to a very high jump to be the first to receive the first rays of light from the sun god, which she loved to control the living beings Of the jungle, plants, flowers, took notes of each encounter and symbolized with a small drawing, had drawings of animals, insects, birds.

The animals walked behind the young woman in company, the birds dedicated beautiful melodies with their songs making the girl's stay in the jungle more pleasant, the trees giving their shadows to the beautiful woman.

These wanderings worried a lot Ñaembe his father, were times of wars between the villages, she would be an easy target for any enemy, he spoke with the young woman but Isriro was in full adolescence, at that age is not afraid of anything and are very haughty, She ignored her father's recommendations.

One morning, Isriro, ignoring what fate had prepared for her, that morning she was going to meet her father's worst enemy. Walking through the alleyways of the jungle, she met a burly man with good-looking brown skin. Called Checi, Isriro very confident his put to chat with him, they talked about many issues, he asked her name and she answered her name is Isriro, there cacique Checi knew she was the daughter of his worst enemy, this man fell in love with The young woman in the first moment he saw her.

The warrior Checi had long wanted to invade the lands of Ñaembe, but he always avoided it, he was known for being a great warrior.

The cruel destiny had cast the fate of this family, the warrior Checi had a reason to invade the lands of Ñaembe, beautiful Isriro. At dawn, when everyone slept, Checi, very secretive, entered the hut of Ñaembe and ended his life, knew that it was the only way to kill the brave Ñaembe, then entered the hut where Isriro lived and took her captive.

Victor Checi became content to his village with the most precious possession, the beautiful Isriro, Checi was much feared for his treacherous form of attack, betrayal was always his way to conquer the land, never won a fight by giving long struggles, a skilled treacherous.

Checi held a big party to introduce the beautiful young woman to the daughter of his worst enemy Ñaembe, announcing the young woman as his new wife, I request everyone to respect the young woman.

The days passed, the cacique was falling more and more in love with the young woman, one day proposed marriage to Isriro.

The girl refused flatly, could not accept the murderer of her father as husband, before accepting marriage would rather die.

The young woman's denial of much anger To Checi, she did not know how to convince him to agree to be his wife.

The murderous warrior apologized for how things were, tried to change the story of how the events happened, the skillful liar created a story.

When I met you in the forest I fell madly in love with you, I made the decision to find you in your village, mistakenly enter your father's hut, he found me inside and we braided in a fight, I have no choice but to defend myself and give Death to your father, said Checi, that's how things went, please give me a chance to remedy things, to love you until the day of my death, very clever Checi to invent stories, I did not know the gift that young Isriro had, See in dreams the events happened, in his dreams he could see the truth of things, saw how meekly lost his father's life in the hands of this treacherous murderer. He repeated his words again, before marrying the treacherous murderer of my father I prefer death, this reply I take the demon inside Checi.

Checi thought answered him, by your rebellion and your immaturity you will have the worst death that a human being desires, you will be devoured by the yacaré of the stream, you will make torn whole and slowly, you will suffer what your father did not suffer.

If that is your joy, may you never have my love and my body, before I surrender to you, I prefer the sharp teeth of the yacare, these words condemned Isriro to the worst of human sacrifices.

The wicked Checi act of foot and hands to the beautiful young woman and throw to the stream of the stream to be devoured by the hungry yacaré.

Like every tyrannical government there are always discontented people, this village would not be the exception, an Indian who did not share Checi's way of governing, was always attentive to the actions of the Wicked Chief, this brave warrior named Cheroga quietly followed the footsteps of Checi And saw where I threw the living body of the beautiful young woman and prepared to give battle to the brave yacaré to remove the body of Isriro.

Checi returned in his footsteps with a group of Indians to witness the cruel sacrifice, arrives at the instant that the Indian Cheroga saves the young woman from the claws of the most feared predator the yacaré, noting the situation Cheroga lies down on the great Isriro is able to cross to the other side of the stream, running the young woman on the body of the Indian giant receives an arrow in its thin and thin body falling dead in the waters of the creek, forming a large red ring of blood in The waters of the great ditch.

I was furious with the Indian who defied his authority, threw an ax into his broad back, killing the brave Indian.

The Indian Cheroga remained dead on the earthen floor joining both coasts as if it were a bridge.

The indigenous witnesses of this massacre wept painfully the death of the Indian Cheroga and that of the beautiful young woman Isriro.

For the courage of the Tupa, the God of the Guarani praised Cheroga to live forever on the land with his indigenous brothers, made him a bridge in the place of his death and Isriro in the swirling waters that lives below the bridge Cheroga.

The bridge Cheroga and its swirling waters lived together forever sealing a beautiful friendship, the bridge served to unite in peace for both peoples, share the services of the bridge and the waters of the stream an arm of the river Paraná, Tourist beach and every year there are many drowned who defy the currents of the waters, say the ancients that it is Isriro, takes his brothers to not remain alone in the place.

Today it is one of the most crowded campsites in my city, its waters are very dangerous and it takes many lives of the daring that defy the power of the waters.

Bridge Cheroga Historical heritage of My province, also had its place in film and music.



José Luis Corrientes Argentina