Guaraní Legend The struggle of greedy brothers


This is an old legend of Guarani origin many years ago after the divine creation the Tupã Tenondete God of the Guarani granted to Iracema the administration of the south zone of the earth.

The great warrior Iracema took the authority of the lands with dedication and care, I lead by example and authority, a sovereign dear to his kindness and feared for his courage, honest man very helpful, always intent on meeting the needs of his people.

The inhabitants of the village fulfilled their obligations, they were in agreement with the governability of Iracema, a considered, right and equal in their decisions, I carry out their land with respect and in peace.

The great warrior had two small children, wisely educated the eldest son was Yeraigue and the smallest Arazati, had no privilege to be the son of the chief, fulfilled their obligations as any neighbor's son, very educated and helpful, Always attentive to some need of the elderly, very dear to the inhabitants of the town.

The time passed and the boys grew up, they became adults, Yeraigue was a fledgling warrior determined and capable, the younger one was rather calm, very helpful, considerate and equitable, he liked the peace and the peace

The years have passed the brand new boss Iracema could no longer continue to govern, he was old and tired, old age prevented to continue to the front of his mandate, organized a great celebration of celebration and named his two children as successor of his throne.

I introduced society to the new rulers, the population sensed that there would be great changes, the children were not bad people but they did not have the same wisdom and respect as their father.

The times had changed the old Iracema no longer ruled, the children had a different way of seeing things and little by little they lost the customs that had imposed Iracema.

The brothers of very different personalities, had different ways of governing, their projects were totally opposite.

Yeraigue wanted to make his ruled warriors, invade neighboring lands and enlarge his empire, but the younger son felt very different, he wanted to socialize with his neighbors, ensure peace and together travel other lands of the world to form new alliances.

As the days went on, the differences between siblings grew larger, discussions became stronger and stronger, the population saw this situation and began to worry, nothing good would come out of these discussions and feared for the safety of the people, well said the saying If the brothers fight they are devoured by outsiders.

This whole situation of fighting, selfishness and power was observed by the God of evil, these controversies amused him, reigned in situations of conflict, many years was quiet and lost, while ruled the great Iracema could not profit from the situation.

He added that the discussions between brothers were worse than ever decided that it was time to act, in the middle of discussion he was present, he proposed a simple way to solve things, I invite them to challenge themselves, he proposed to compete with each other, The winner would have the right to make all the decisions without the other getting in the way, the ill advised brothers accepted the proposal ready to compete between them.

The inexperienced young people agreed where, as and when to perform the feats, part of the tests would be to climb the highest mountains, target shooting with their bows, test of resistance and demonstration of skills.

The whole population watched as the brothers disputed the throne of their father, the one who took so much care for many years, governed with wisdom respect and authority, many lamented the decisions of the boys, could not believe that children so well-bred Have become these beasts without regard to their people, nothing could go right when the Aña intrudes, which can be expected from the God of evil.

The brothers blinded by anger, wanted to demonstrate their skills, competing who was the better of the two.

All these feelings of anger, selfishness and anger between siblings were encouraged by the year, to obtain more beneficial.

One of the tests consisted in giving the arrow to the target, drew the target in a tree and challenged who had better aim and hit with bow and arrow.

The first to shoot was the younger brother Arazati, tense the bow and shot the arrow, the devil manipulated the direction of the arrow and drove directly to the heart of his brother Yeraigue, fell dead at the same instant, the blood did not slow in flowing filled The mountain with its blood, the blood fell down the mountain with great force, the impact was so strong that it broke the earth forming a river of red waters, the I-phytá, whose meaning is Bermejo.

Arazati, who was always the most kind, could not believe what was happening, he burst into tears, wept day and night, he cried disconsolately, he died of sadness on the top of the hill, his tears poured out many that flooded the hill.

The accumulated waters of crying began to fall down below, fell with so much force that it opened the earth forming a great river parallel to the one of its brother, the anísanos tell that the birds of the place had witnessed all this tragedy from the beginning, they knew that this was The work of the Aña, in support of the youngest son Arazati, settled in the trees that were on the side of the river, consequently the ansansos called it river Pilcomayo.

This was the punishment imposed by the Tupã Tenondete to these brothers, by their greed and guided by the Aña the god of evil began a confrontation between brothers, these rivers served as an example for the people to see what happens if the brothers fight. fuente: Fuente:

José Luis Corrientes Argentina