Incredible story of nothingness became a millionaire


Dear friends of the voice, this is not a legend of the fairy tales, in a true story of real life, it is an illuminated man from Norway touched by the magic wand, becoming a millionaire overnight.

This incredible story happened to "Christopher Koch", is a Norwegian student in 2009 invested 110 Norwegian kronor or US $ 24 dollars and acquiring 5000 bitcoin.

"Christopher" made this investment and forgot the subject, continued his life as if nothing, dedicating himself fully to his studies, time passed without start for "Christopher Koch" who could keep his investment forgotten.

Destiny works mysteriously, no one can understand that it has prepared for our futures.

In April of 2013 the virtual currency rose exponentially reaching US $ 170 for each bitcoin, there the young person remembered his investment.

"Christopher" He quickly went to look for the key of his wallet and verified that he had in his account "5 million crowns" or the sum in u $ S of "850 thousand dollars"

The virtual criptomonedas Bitcoin was created in 2009 by "Reuben Grinberg" a new alternative to make investments through the internet, I believe that neither Rubén thought that the currency would be as successful as it has.

Today March 13, 2017, the Bitcoin Cryptomonedas has a value of u $ s 1232, this news I read it in the year 2013 and I always wonder how it will have gone to "Christopher Koch", to suppose that it went well and maintained its Capital we are talking about that it manages a fortune in dollars around the 6 million dollars, with only an investment of 24 dollars.

As I said, it's not a fairy-tale legend, it's a true fact that it happened in real life.

Thank you very much for your attention and I hope you have enjoyed it.



Jose Luis Corrientes Argentina