Japanese legend The love story of Sakura and Yumiko

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Thank you dear friends of the Voice, to support my work, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful Japanese legend, speaks of an older man eternally in love with his deceased wife, at the time of his death she will come to the world of the living To accompany him, a beautiful legend that begins thus.

This is a Japanese legend, long ago in a village of Japan settled an old sage named Sakura, lived in a uchi behind Aoyama Cemetery, a good and peaceful man, well liked by all neighbors.

The old Sakura lived alone in his house, never received visits, neighbors have never seen a woman enter his home, bad thoughts always draw conclusions and guess, some considered him crazy, it was the only neighbor who was passionate about living The vera of the cemetery, the others made them out of obligation, this was the main reason that the neighbor considered him crazy.

A very kind man, always willing to help others, on summer afternoons took his chair and sat watching the temple of the cemetery, spent long hours doing nothing, only his gaze fixed on the temple of Aoyama.

He liked walking a lot, walked many hours a day, walked all the town, as everyone in town knew him constantly interrupted his walk to start some conversation, another passion was to go to the town square to meditate, always started alone, But by the time he had about fifty people doing company in meditation.

A really wise man, many people came to him for some consultations on political issues or public good, mothers of teenagers brought their children so that some advice, this caught the attention of neighbors, as a man who loves much To children, has never been hunted and have children.

Every day he went to the flower shop of the village buying the best white roses, and went through the cemetery, stayed there for about an hour, then returned to his house and resumed his routine of the walk.

The old man was old, one sick day and the neighbors had to summon his sister and his only nephew, the relatives came immediately.

The arrival of the sister and her nephew found him ill of health, had a very advanced disease, sister to do everything possible to give her the best care.

Several days he was in bed with the attention of his relatives, there were days that seemed to improve, but the next day dawned badly again, relatives to see this situation prepared for the worst.

One day like every day she was in the care of her nephew, Sakura fell asleep, a big hawk entered his room and lay on the bed next to the man, his nephew tried by all means to get the baby out of the room , But this one was coming back, three times he had to remove the baby from Sakura's quarters, the little one was resisting and returning, as if to say that he wanted to accompany the sick, so much insisted the boy that the baby hawk flew out of the room very Slowly, giving the boy a signal to follow, the child interpreted the signal and followed.

The little hawk flew into the garden and from there to the cemetery, the very intrigued boy followed the hawk, the hawk flew all over the cemetery and landed on a tombstone of a woman where it disappeared mysteriously.

The boy looked at the woman's grave, on the memorial plate said to be called Yumiko in it recounted the age of 18 years in which the woman had died, the grave was old perhaps was about 50 years, but the grave was full of something white roses Withered

The boy returned to his uncle's house with some intrigue. He thought about the situation that had just happened. On entering Sakura's quarters, he found that he had died, the boy ran to give notice to his mother, said that he had to To leave for a second and to tell the situation that had lived in the cemetery.

Sakura's sister asked her son what name he had seen in the woman's grave and Yumiko answered. Yumiko did you say? Asked the mother ... if mother Yumiko tells you something that name said the boy, if the mother answered, give me a second and I'll tell you a story said.

When your uncle was a boy, he met a girl named Yumiko, he was a neighbor of your grandmother, they were very good friends, they played together, they took out the chairs and sat for long hours watching the clouds and the rosedal of white flowers doing nothing , Went out to walk and then sat on the benches of a square, grew up and went to school together, when they became adolescents, your uncle proposed marriage to Yumiko, she accepted and set a date for the marriage.

One day like every day, they went for a walk and then went to the plaza to meditate, being in full meditation it started to rain, as it was summer they stayed in the rain, with such bad luck that Yumiko seriously sick of the lungs, few Days before the date set for the marriage died.

This is why your uncle never married and bought the house in front of the cemetery to be close to his true love.

Legend has it that Sakura promised never to marry and kept all these years faithful to his promise, jealously guarded the memories of his true love in the depths of his heart, recreating his life with Yumiko sat in his chair every afternoon long hours , Went out to walk remembering how he did it with his love, spent every day in the flower shop and bought the most beautiful white roses that existed to leave in the tomb of his beloved, his passion for meditation, this was a daily recreation That he had lived with his only love.

That is why when Sakura's death approached, Yumiko took the form of a young one, to accompany him in his last days of life, now deceased will meet and live together forever.

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