Legend of my people The beautiful Morotí

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Thank you dear friends of the Voice, for supporting and accompanying my work, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful legend of my lands, speaks of a beautiful woman, the punishment for her vanity and the birth of the flower of the irupé and the Story continues like this.

In the land without evil of the guaraníes you can appreciate everything that surrounds us, the birds, the plants, the trees, at one time they were human beings, that is why my ancestors taught us to respect everything beautiful that lives around us, teachings That were left to guide us on the right path.

The flower of the irupé (irupé in Guarani language means dish above the water), is a beautiful wild flower, living in the estuaries and lagoons, a water plant has a floating base and a beautiful flower.

This is a beautiful love story of my Taragui Pora, on the side of the Paraná River was established a village of Guaraní Indians, its leader the cacique Rubichá Tacú, (Guaraní chief Algarrobo), this village had a particularity, were awarded by the Mother nature, possessed the most beautiful guineas and brave men that may exist.

The chief possessed a daughter named Morotí (in Guaraní means white) a beautiful snow-white maiden, very flirty, vain, spoiled child of the father.

Morotí had a boyfriend named Pita (his red meaning in Guaraní) the bravest of the village, this pair of couples wanted very much, they were inseparable, they walked all day together, they enjoyed the charms of the jungle, until one day the Devil envious of the tenderness of these young men, I give little advice to little Morotí.

The devil encourages the indigenous to taste the love of Pita, walking with her friends along the banks of the Paraná River, told them now they will see the great love that Pita has me, I will drop this bracelet to the river and you will see as the anger to seek My bracelet, continued with their little bed, until arriving where Pita was and drops the bracelet to the river.

Pita saw where the bracelet fell and was ready to look for it, his friends advised him not to enter the river, it was very dangerous where the bracelet fell, place of backwaters, the fury of the Paraná was expressed in that precise place, not entres told their Friends, it's very dangerous you can drown.

Hearing this, Morotí told them how to say this, Pita is the bravest of the village, the anger to seek it, go and bring it to Pita, the Indian girl.

Pita was considered the most courageous and the best swimmer in the village, he threw himself into the river to please his love, Pita swam to the place where the bracelet sank, took a breath and dived, the minutes began to pass, pita did not come out Of the water, his friends began to worry, as is possible if he is the best swimmer, pita did not come out of the water.

The beautiful Morotí began to despair, broke the silence with her cry, saying it's my fault, I forced him to go get the bracelet, in the middle of crying remembered, call the sorcerer he will know what to do to help.

The friends of Pythah ran for the Pegcoe (Deep), the sorcerer, and returned with him.

The silence reigned in the jungle the Pegcoe, staring fixedly at the waters of the Paraná and said, there communicate with me the Pinata It is with I-Cuñá-Payé (the witch of the waters) she received Pina in her beautiful kingdom of silver and ruby .

The witch of the waters wants Pytha to stay with her, he is happy with her decision and wants to stay, she compensates your love with a great fortune, you just have to accept, were the words of the wizard of the village.

Morotí did not want to lose his love, he began to cry disconsolately, asked the wizard what he could do to recover his beloved, he repeated tirelessly I am the guilty one, let me lead by the advice of the devil.

The sorcerer Pegcoe answered him, the only one who can save Pina is you, you must throw yourself into the river and steal your beloved from the hands of the witch I-Cuñá-Payé.

Morotí did not hesitate and threw himself to the river Paraná to save his love Phata, the waters of the river opened allowing the body of beautiful Morotí.

The hours passed and the young men did not return, the inhabitants of the village gathered at the side of the river, and at night they lit fires to light the coast of the Parana.

The older Indians began making offerings to the river and the witch of the waters, dancing around the fire, invoking supplications to the Tupa asking the young people to return from the water.

In an instant Pegcoe said, love triumph, Morotí has ​​saved Pina, won the battle to the queen of the waters I-Cuñá-Payé, at this moment are returning.

The moon and the fire illuminated the coast of the river, the sound of a great bubble as they left the interior of the water and saw a beautiful white flower of red petals floating on the waters of the river, were Morotí and Pitá.

The Tupa heard the supplications of elders and returned them transformed into a flower. Beautiful and beautiful flower as symbols of Love, which the elders called The flower of the irupé dish on the water.

The flower of the Irupé is a teaching of my ancestors, to remind us not to abuse the people who love us and avoid vanity.

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José Luis Corrientes Argentina

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