Legend of the Anahuac Drink

fuente: http://www.taringa.net/posts/info/19011625/El-Dorado.html Hello dear friends of the voice, thank you very much for supporting my work, browsing the web I cross with this beautiful legend, talks about how and where nation the cocoa, a beautiful story that begins well.

This is a legend Nahua, Los Anahuac lived in the pre-Columbian era in northern Mexico, between the tenth and twelfth centuries, these natives are native to Huehuetlapallan (Old red land) of ancient Teotihuacan.

Many years ago the Huehuetlapallan (Old red earth) was observed by the goddess Qetzalli and his ministers, they contemplated the Toltec people to work, very workers, but to their works they lacked quality and technique, these were the main reasons for which the Gods wanted Help the people of Anahuac.

The Gods decided to send a disciple to the earth in human form, they made a meeting between the gods to evaluate the disciple indicated to send, all agreed that the indicated would be Tonahuac.

Upon receiving the news Tonahuac (the Luminous God) gladly accepted, long ago that wanted to collaborate with these good and workers, once decided and all agreed the envoy descended to the earth in the form of lightning, his spectacular descent called The attention of the inhabitants of Huehuetlapallan (Old red earth) his appearance, his white beard and his clothes made clear that it was not a human being.

The people were prepared to receive this presence, the ancient Anahuac had already predicted it, far from being frightened by the envoy, began to pay homage to him as a God, replacing the gods of his old beliefs.

The land of Anahuac was observed by the gods who would guide Tonahuac with his mission in the teachings, counted on the support of Tláloc owner of the spirits and of Qetzalli Goddess of the jubilation and the passion.

Tonahuac's mission on earth was to provide information to the Anahuac, to help them build tools to improve their work, to know the seasons of the year, to define planting schedules to improve harvest results.

The Luminous God performed an arduous work of selection and induction, which helped to define man by his conditions, being taught according to each profile, some were taught to till the land, others to build tools, others learned to interpret The stars, other sculptors, other artists, thus defined the people according to the abilities of the people.

Tonahuac gave the farmers some divine seeds, when they were planted, they set on plants that provided grains, these cereals that became a celestial nectar, that could only be consumed by the Gods.

This millennial plant was suspiciously guarded, only for the benefit of royalty, these seeds Tonahuac obtained them by carelessness of a God, and brought them in secret, to know the gods had not allowed them.

Farmers with accurate indications of Tonahuac carried out the masterpiece, planted the divine seeds, with the help of rain gods managed to irrigate their lands from which began a beautiful red fruit plant.

Over time the plants bore fruit, dark pods, fertile lands fulfilled what they promised, crops were a great success.

Tonahuac taught the farmers to harvest the crops and the women to grind and toast the grains that provided the fruits of the pod, then taught the artisans to prepare the nectar.

The sacred nectar consisted of grinding toasted and water, this mixture were beaten in earthenware vessels to achieve chocolate ambrosia, this nectar was allowed to drink only the monks and royalty of the Anahuac.

The sacred nectar consumed it bitter, then began to add honey, some time later they improved it, they changed the honey for the sugar and they added milk, they taught the inhabitants of Anahuac to consume them hot, that is how it became an ostentatious infusion of the time.

Tonahuac, a man greatly revered by the royalty of the Anahuac, was the one who taught the artisans the four varieties of chocolates the cauhcacahuatl, mecacahuatl, xochicacahuatl and the tlalcacahuatl, who with his help led the Anahuac people to be a great empire, the Inhabitants with the teachings of the luminous God learned to be artisans, artists, builders and sages, enjoyed the consumption of the sacred drink. The chocolate.

The people of Anahuac with their wisdom became rich, lived happily and in peace. This caused envy and anger in the Gods, could not believe that Tonahuac was able to turn an ordinary people into an empire, the greater the anger when they learned of the sacred drink was being consumed on earth, this news surely had great consequences To the lands of Huehuetlapallan (Old red earth).

The gods invaded by rage, they decided to avenge Tonahuac's betrayal, and to destroy the empire that he built, the divine sent to earth Tezcatlipoca the God of darkness the worst enemy of Tonahuac.

Tezcatlipoca under the earth pretending to be a merchant, the idea was to sell a drink to the luminous God, that drink discovered by the Goddess Qetzalli.

Tonahuac took the octli drink that was prepared with juice of the metl, when drinking drunk leaving his people to the helplessness.

Tezcatlipoca gave drink to all the inhabitants of the town chocolate with a potion prepared by the evil goddess Qetzalli, this drink to be swallowed in turn changed people, making them evil and dishonorable.

The god of darkness was commanded to destroy all the cocoa plants, so it was done, and there was not a single plant standing in all of Teotihuacan.

When Tonahuac woke up from his drunkenness he could see his changed people, the men of the town of Teotihuacán, would never do good and honorable again.

This was the destruction of the Empire of the Anahuac, that lived in the Town of Teotihuacán of the Huehuetlapallan (Old red earth).

Tonahuac was ashamed of what happened in his town, he was very angry with the Gods for the decisions made, for vengeance destroyed a people of admirable and good people, disillusioned returned to their place of origin, rose from the tail of a shooting star , In its ascension, the last seeds of cocoa that remained in its power, are the plants of cacao that grew and subsisted until our time.

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