Legend of the birth of the Hindu equine

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Thank you very much dear friends of yours for accompanying my work, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful Hindu legend, talks about how the great creator gave birth to some of the most beautiful horses in the world, a beautiful story that begins like this.

After the creation of the world, the creator began to make a journey through the world, he wanted to contemplate observing his masterpiece, as he passed through the northern desert of Africa, I heard a desperate cries and cries of a Bedouin.

The creator stopped to find out why so many screams were being made, the nomad answered.

I could see your creation in other parts of the world, beautiful landscapes, rivers of fresh water, waterfalls, flowers and beautiful thickets, exotic birds and wide seas, instead we have been punished with this arid, desert and sand-filled soil !

The created wonder, how do you know so much?

The Bedouin answered, I am a traveler my lord, I have known the four cardinal points, I saw the glaciers, I saw the marshes, I met the hydrangeas, I heard the song of the nightingale, I saw snowy hills, blue water lakes, I saw the leaves falling on the Autumn, chrysanthemums bloom in spring, pines covered with snow in winter and fresh waters of caves in summer.

God listened attentively to what the nomad said, looked around and saw nothing to counter this claim, began to feel that he had not been completely right with the creation of the universe, he thought how to repay the poor Bedouin, something is Happened to him and said.

Please do not cry anymore, you are ahead of the facts, as you suppose I can be unjust, the creation is not over, this has just begun, so you see I will give you something for your people, that no one ever thought I could Exist, said the creator.

Taking a handful of sands, he began to blow and said "You sands in abundance will be the divine composition of this new race, you will be my gift and symbol of my love to my land, you will become a unique creature different from the beasts, you will be a Be docile, beautiful in appearance.

I deliver the strident look of the hawk, the courage and vigor of the lion, the speed of the deer, remember everything like the elephant, the vigor and caution of the tiger, the gazelle will take the delicacy and the speed of its oscillation, Brincaras taller Than a kangaroo, farther than a hare and faster than the cheetah.

You will have the intuition of the wolf in your entrails, you will have the eyes of the owl to see better at night, you will have the orientation of the eagle, resistant as the camel, loyal as a dog.

You will be fast and resistant, you will bring fortune on your back, you will give heritage to whoever loves you and honor your vastness, you will be a unique creation, a true beauty, infinite as the sky and splendorous as the sun, finally gave a last breath with vigor and I believe The first horse.

The creator steeled his horse, began to caress, he ran his whole body with his hands, as the blind do to detect any flaw in the touch, this beauty must be perfect, could not have an inch of difficulty, must be immaculate to the eye And perfect to the touch, he approached his ear and murmured.

Your soul will be virtuous and will live in your heart, your path will be an adventure with every step you take, you are my favorite among the animal kingdom, you carry the virtue of all animals, you will be the sovereign of the fief, you will be able to raise flight without cornices.

Now gallop majestic of my creation, go and survive the desert, be thirty days and thirty nights, strive because a hard existence awaits you, resist like the camel to the water, masks the color of your body, stylize your tallow ligaments!

But never forget the majestic horse of my creation, who you are, where you come from, the virtuality of your genes, the speed of the cheetah, the speed of the wind, remember my friend to be faster than the light!

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