Legend of the enchanted hermit

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I only speak Spanish. All my work I did with the help of google I apologize for the translation mistakes I appreciate your understanding.

Hello dear friends, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful legend, speaks of a beautiful girl that captures the attention of a hermit and surprising things happen.

Hundreds of years ago, in the high valleys of Argentina, a community of indigenous people was established.

The cacique of this village possessed a beautiful daughter, admired and wanted to be very kind, this young woman was loving and protective of nature.

A very adventurous young woman, she went out every morning to stroll through the magical place, she liked to appreciate the sounds of the lake waters, to walk on the hills, to enjoy the nature and the beautiful landscape that the high mountains offered.

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In her morning walks she sat on the side of the lake looking at her figure, combing her hair, looking at herself in the reflections of the clear water, to contemplate her beauty, a beautiful young woman, charming and very flirty, boasted of her beautiful black hair jet.

To be very kind, the Anselm and the children wanted to spend time with her, gladly spent some hours in the afternoon, very helpful, caring for the sick and small children, always willing to help others.

Very dear in the village, the children, the elders, the anxious ones and many young people of the village, had many suitors, but she did not think of the love, just as a girl was running in the meadows behind the butterflies, sit under Of a tree to enjoy the song of some bird, to see the correteo lake up of the salmon, presumed, liked very much to see his face in the reflection of the waters of the lake.

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On the other side of the hill in an inhospitable place, far from all civilization lived a giant hermit, of ugly appearance and very bad temper.

It was very rare to see him near the village, from time to time he went to the village to buy groceries to live, from afar you could see the great giant mounted on his huge horse Percheron, so that one day as he passed by the lake he met the Beautiful young daughter of the cacique, I was struck by her beauty, she saw how the flirtatious girl combed her beautiful hair.

From that day I was hypnotized by the beauty of the young woman, began to come more often to the town and from afar mounted on her horse watched the beautiful woman, every day that passed was more attracted to the young woman, knew that this woman had to Be yours.

The giant knew the power of his words, if he knew the girl knew that he was going to convince and conquer with his lexicon, his doubt was how he would convince the cacique to give his daughter's hand in marriage.

At night the hermit was no longer sleeping to think of the beautiful girl with jet-black hair, she dreamed awake with the girl, she saw her run by her abode, just as a teenager spent his days thinking about his love.

The sleepless nights drove the giant crazy, convinced that he had to shave the girl, one day he came to the village from a distance and looked at the girl sitting on the side of the lake, there he saw the solution to his problem.

I prepare a concoction with wild herbs, at dawn while everyone slept, put the concoction in the containers where the inhabitants of the village drank water, when consumed, they would fall asleep, it was a strong sleeping pill.

The next day he watched from afar, when he saw the sleepy inhabitants decided that it was time to kidnap the young woman.

Being in the village approached the young tome with his hands and the charge on his shoulders then took her with him, and on the trip the effect of the sleeping pill stopped acting on the villagers, one by one began to wake up, quickly They noticed the absence of the girl, the cacique ordered to look for his daughter, in search they found the giant's footprints.

The news quickly arrived the cacique, without losing time armo to his brave warriors and began to follow the tracks.

The natives had a quick trot, in a short time they reached the heavy giant, from afar they could see that he was carrying the young woman with him, the warriors began to shoot with their arrows to persuade the giant to leave the young woman, this did not happen, the giant He began to hurry up, his steps became a trot, and in his eagerness to escape he did not see a stone, he fell on him and fell to the ground, giving his head to another stone.

Strong was the blow that received the giant, that blow would kill more than one, the hermit only fell asleep, tried to get up, but something unnatural prevented him, he made an effort up and something was thrown down, leaving his body adhered down.

The beautiful young woman managed to escape from the giant's handles, ran desperately into the arms of the chief.

The giant roared and roared strongly, felt a slight tremor in the earth, slowly the giant was turning into stone, by its size formed a new hill.

This was a teaching of God Diaguita, punished the giant for his daring, leaving a clear example so that this does not repeat a barbarism like this.

The natives understood the message and since then they feared the power of God, lived united and respectful forever.

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