Legend of the guardian birds

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In a village of Guarani Indians lived an old Cacique called Pope, had a daughter called Mita, in his youth the cacique was a brave warrior.

At night the natives of the village gathered around the fire, recalling the adventures and numerous victories of the chief Pope, now an old man, a feeble wretch, scrutinizing suggestion of his beloved daughter Mita, very close to his father, collaborating with him in the Decisions of the village.

The daughter of the cacique inherited the courage of her father, very skilled with bow and arrow, a great hunter, when it came to hunting, it was the young woman who hunted the best specimens.

Mita, a woman admired for her bravery and dexterity, much loved for her kindness, a true forerunner, on several occasions defended and saved the tribe from important dangers.

A full woman was not only a brave warrior, she was also a beautiful woman, gentle morocha, piercing black eyes, her face was drawn to the fleshy and sexy lips of a beautiful smile, long hair combed with two braids at the side of the body, His native clothes clinging to his body, the chumbé highlighted his waist, leaving evidence of his wide hips.

Mita was very affectionate with children and elders, took care of their health, went to the help of some mothers when her son became ill, a protective woman, sacrificed his life for the benefit of his tribe.

This charming woman received visitors from all the surrounding villages, young cacique brought beautiful gifts to captivate and marry the beautiful warrior, yaguareté skins, pheasant feathers, precious stones, rubies, another that came from more distances came with chest of gold, But they did not even win the woman's love. The beautiful Mita did not care for the riches, she already reserved her heart for Ara-Naró, a brave warrior, at the moment she was in an expedition in remote lands, when returning married the beautiful young woman, the cacique Pope was happy with this one Courtship, if the marriage had taken place he had acquired one more son and his heir to the throne.

The guaraní are honey consumers, in a sighting in the jungle had discovered wasps of lechiguana, prowling the flowers of the thicket, the cacique gathered three young Indians and entrusted to him the mission to harvest the honey of lechiguana.

Petiti, Biwua and Suru, set out for honey, walked along a narrow red dirt road, when they arrived at a place where the road was divided into three, they decided to separate and take a road each, the first to find the honeycomb, would give Notice to the rest, said this they undertook the search.

Petiti walked happily behind a colony of lechiguana, following the small animals taking him to the honeycomb, the lechiguanas left the road and went into the jungle, Petiti walked eager to find the honey, had no idea of ​​the danger that is Was exposing.

A stealthy yaguareté followed in his steps, Petiti heard a noise, stopped to look, saw the figure of the dangerous animal, the fright began to scream strongly, the animal pounced on the body of the Indian killing Petiti, the other Indians heard Their cries, ran to their aid but nothing could do, the jaguar had ended his life.

Biwua and Suru returned to the village, informed the cacique of the deadly attack of the animal that killed Petiti, the dangerous yaguareté was hunting people, stalked the neighboring villages and was now hunting in Guarani territory.

Pope Cacique gathered the Indians to report the bad news and warn of the dangerous animal.

It was the first time that a wild animal was approaching the village, the news caused panic in the members. The guaraní live wild fruits, they had to gather from the thicket, the cacique organized to go out in search of food to leave in band, but not lacked the adventurers who left alone and did not return, the yaguareté prowled the place collecting the lives of these daring, Their lives perishing in the hands of the animals.

Before the events of the Pope, I organized a group of brave warriors to kill the animal that lurked the village, I send them all to call, they would receive instructions on how to hunt the jaguar, as a young man the brave Pope hunted these animals as if nothing .

Great was the surprise of the cacique, when arriving the hour of the encounter with the brave youngsters he was with a single boy named Piráne. , The other young people did not want to risk their lives.

Piráne a great admirer of the cacique, he had a deep respect for Aguara, as a young man but the life of his father, that act of courage made him accompany the cacique in any daring, besides this was a friend of his father would be dishonorable for his father, If he did not accompany Aguara in this audacity.

This was a good opportunity to thank for the life of his father, Piráne felt responsible for ridding his people of the evil that stalked him.

Piráne before the sun came out very sure of its value, went out in search of the dangerous animal, left alone without help, set off jungle inside where the danger yaguareté.

The natives of the village waited anxiously for the news and to see the hide of the dangerous animal, two days had passed, Piráne knew nothing, several days passed and the young warrior never returned, a new victim took the jaguar.

The cacique met with the brave warriors and gave a new opportunity to the young to kill the animal that stalks the village, but no one was encouraged to daring, the young Mita outraged by this reaction of the warriors, both professed his love and Courage, now no one was encouraged to destroy the animal. She said with a forcefulness, I am ashamed to be sovereign of this town, if Naro was present, it would only end the life of the yaguareté.

As no one is encouraged, being all weak, Mita raising the voice said, alone I will, I will kill the animal, with their skin are a coat for my father, as you will feel when you see a woman finish with the dangerous animal, where they are My brave warriors.

No one dared to say a single word The cacique Aguara being sick said, I appreciate your decision, but I can not accept that you went to the jungle with that dangerous animal, your people needs you to govern them, she replied, father I have the protection of The gods they will watch over me, I will kill the jaguar, I will bring their skin with the hare a coat for you, on the other hand we are running out of food, we need to go out looking and we can not with an animal hunting our people.

The father continued to deny his journey, others took care of killing the animal, I am not sure that you get rid of the clutches of the jaguar, father young warriors are cowards, fear the animal, believe that he is a demon that came to end the Tribe, on hearing this the father had no choice but to let her go to her daughter in search of the dangerous animal.

Mita prepares her bow and arrows, ready to leave in search of the yaguareté, would leave at dawn, minutes before leaving, some natives watched the return of the exploring warriors, this news filled with joy to the beautiful girl, knew That in Venia Naro, her boyfriend, together they could kill the dangerous yaguareté.

Alert the arrival of the brave warriors, the cacique and his daughter organized a great reception, arrived the contingent of Indians, bringing with them important pieces of fighters, meats, skins and animal antlers and delivered to the old cacique, all this was in his Honor pronuncio Ñaro.

The young warriors were well received, the cacique aguara was very happy with the return of his son politico, began a great celebration, in the middle of the festival. Naro gave the beautiful Mita a collection of birds of paradise feathers, toucan, swan, Heron and flamenco.

Mita was honored, his face brightened with joy, seeing the cacique embraced the two young men, walking away from the noise, went to Naro, told what was happening, the jaguar was killing the Indians, the worst He was not brave enough to kill the animal, Mita is the only one willing to try to end the animal, Ará-Naro strongly opposed, Mita energetically explain, I gave my word, arriving the day I would go into the jungle , When Ará-Naro saw the deicide that was the beautiful woman agreed, only with one condition if she let him accompany her, the animal you face is very cunning and dangerous, with a single blow to end your life.

The cunning hunter Naro suggested to Mita to take advantage of the light of the bright moon to take of surprise to the danger yaguareté.

On leaving the moon the brave young men already ready to put an end to the concern of the village, prepared for the brave hunt Ará-Naro goes to Mita and says "yahá!" And Mita replied ..., "yahá!" ... let's go And set out for the thicket.

They walked stealthily along the narrow paths of the jungle, they wanted to take the yaguareté by surprise, the energetic girl was slowing her pace, inviting her companion to keep up the pace saying - "yahá!" ..., "yahá!" ... Araá - Part asked the young caution, the enemy they face is very clever, a single noise would put him on alert, she ignored said "yahá!", "Yahá!" ... encouraged the warrior to hurry the pace. They approached a white man in the jungle beneath a large red jacaranda, heard a sound in the thicket, knowing Naro knew that the jaguar was near, the noises in the grass intensified, they could see the luminous eyes of the raging animal, the young man Hunter protected his bride by leaving her behind the jacaranda tree, leaving to meet the dangerous animal, the yaguareté rushed his peace to meet the brave warrior, both braided in a contest, Ará-Naro with his dagger and jaguareté with his claws, a Great battle the young man and the beast fought for their lives, the brave warrior attacked fiercely, the jaguar cunningly, that was how he could beat the warrior, gave a claw with his claws in the throat of the young man liquidating his life, Mita enraged came out To the encounter of the beast, fighting like a beast the beautiful woman attacked the bloody animal, powerful yaguareté gave combat to the warrior, fought tirelessly until fall R both lifeless.

Mita, Naro and the jaguar fought valiantly to save their lives, but their own skills ended up with all three.

It was noon, young people did not return to the village, an indigenous contingent left in their search, returned with the dead bodies, with evidence of a great battle.

Pope the old Cacique, could not bear with such sadness and died, the natives of the town wept the departure of his kindly sovereign, prepared the usual celebration to fire the great warriors, prepared adobe huts, put their belongings, food and drinks to The long journey to land without evil.

They buried under a large jacaranda tree, at the time of the sepulcher, two large birds perched in the jacaranda's bowl, at the time of their arrival they said "yahá!", "Yahá!" ... They were Mita and Naró.

The Tupã Tenondete awards to the brave warriors allowing them to live forever in the earth, like two great birds to which they are known as yahá by the strong guito that they emit.

Mita and Naró the brave warriors who freed their town from the dangerous animal, became guardian birds to watch over the safety of the people and the defenseless animals, these shrewd birds to see something strange raise flights and make a loud cry, putting In warning of a possible danger saying "Yahá! ...," "Yahá!" ...

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