Legend of the magical multicolored horse

Fuente: http://imagenesdepaisajespreciosos.com/grandiosas-pinturas-de-paisajes-hermosos-al-oleo/ This is a legend of Guatemala, many years ago in a remote valley will know where they settled to live a family.

Don Isidro and his sons built with dedication and work a little house on the side of the mountain, these abandoned lands made them a productive farm, one night they heard the trot of horses in the garden, they left with rifle in hand and some Lanterns to face the great darkness, great was the surprises to see the horses of all colors, they looked like magical animals, Don Isidro charged the rifle and shot the animals to scare them, the bullets had no effect on them, they looked like bullets The horses had the necessary time to destroy the whole orchard, when they fulfilled their mission they left the farm leaving the garden devastated.

The children of Don Isidro wanted to follow the animal tracks, they could not find any footsteps, they seemed to fly without leaving any trace, at dawn they saw the disaster that the horses caused in the garden.

The farmers again planted the vegetables, the lands were fortunate, they were fertile and soon began to bear fruit. The old Isidro to ensure the consensual planting with his children who would take care of the night, was defined as Juan's eldest son Isidro.

Juan remained awake all night to the planting care, in the early morning the tiredness became present and fell asleep, seeing this the wild horses returned to the field and destroyed the planting, when he woke up he could not believe what he saw, the orchard Was destroyed.

The anger of Don Isidro was very great, I call severely the attention to his son Juan by his lack of commitment and responsibility.

Once again the land was prepared for planting, once the planting began, despite all the luck that accompanied them, in a short time began to leave the new plants, this time Don Isidro decided that the person in charge of plant care It would be Carlos the middle son of the farmer.

Carlos stayed the whole night in the care of planting, was more cautious that his brother made coffee and spent the night drinking, at dawn went to rest without any novelty, so spent several nights without any novelty of wild horses, everything It was quiet the wild animals disappeared, they raised the guard of the sowing.

The next morning when they woke up they found the garden completely shattered, the wild horses, seeing that no one cared they passed through the garden and destroyed the vegetables, great was the surprise for these farmers, very angry began to sow again, not much time So that the plants start to come out, this time the man decided that the person who would take care of the plants would be José the younger son.

Jose was a very awake boy, resting during the day not to fall asleep, arrived at night having a plan, had devised to hunt some of the wild horses, armo a Paraguayan hammock between two trees so that it seemed that he was sleeping and thus take by surprise To the horses, Jose wanted to hunt one of them and put them to work on the farm.

Early in the morning I heard the galloping of the horses, Joseph prepared his bonds and hid in the dark to take the animals by surprise, seeing the horses that the orchard was alone entered, the very shrewd Jose came out of surprise And reached to bind one of the animals, the horse fought for his freedom, while the others destroyed the garden.

The trapped animal jumped, whinnied, shook to be free, but it was impossible to have the rope in his neck and no matter how much he threw it could not be released, young Jose tried to calm him, talked with the horse and reassured him, the beautiful animal He trusted Joseph and remained calm, the other horse to see that his leader was captured left as fast as they could from the farm.

The captured horse was a dream, had seven colors and could talk, wanted to make a deal with the young man, offered what Jose wanted, as long as he was willing to release.

Jose, a very humble boy, replied that he would not make any deal with him, and that he would give it to Don Isidro to help till the field, the magic horse promised to arrange the sowing and that he could count on when he was in danger, the boy said I would be willing to let it go but before I had to fix the whole planting.

The horse began to recite.

From a distance I come,

In the distance I go,

Make the plants,

Grow Today

At the same moment the vegetables began to grow, Joseph released the horse, but before long he promised never to return to his father's farm to do any damage.

Jose fulfilled his word he released the horse, the horse before retiring reminded Jose that he could count on as many times as he needed.

The horse made three steps and disappeared as if nothing, just in time because they were present Don Isidro and his two other children in the robbery, they were very happy when they saw that the vegetables had grown and were better than ever.

The farmer thanked God for having an exemplary son like Joseph, congratulated his son and gave a big hug, this congratulation did not fall well on his brothers to such an extent that they decided to abandon their father, these evil children left their father and They went to live alone. The sadness consumed the poor farmer, Don isidro sick of so much anguish, to see him very sick Joseph went in search of his brothers.

Poor Joseph traveled to inhospitable places, when they saw him arrive in his house the anger lasted, they let him pass and once inside they took him hostage, they tied him hand and foot and threw him into a deep well.

The young man tried by all means to remove his bonds, but Carlos had learned from his father to make good knots, untie was not a viable option, in that circumstance he remembered the horse's promise of the seven colors and I summon him, instantly Made present in the place, untied its moorings and removed it from the well.

Joseph returned to the house of his brothers to tell the sick father that he was surprised to see him arrive, it was impossible to leave the pit without help, they did not listen to the news he was giving, the evil brothers took him as a slave, they put him Work at home doing household chores.

One morning a communiqué arrived in the house, an invitation from the Royal Palace, invited the men of the population to participate in an event, the winner would have the honor of hunting with the princess, the feat was to solve a solace, which obtained The ring of gold could marry the princess, the event had a trap, the eyelet of the ring did not pass even a needle.

José's brothers were going to present themselves to the event, poor Jose could not attend because the envious brothers left him preparing the lunch, Jose remembered his friend of the seven colors and I summon him, as the previous time did not wait and Presented to the young man, Jose commented on the event to the horse, this encouraged José to present themselves together.

They arrived almost at the end of the event, all the participants who presented were unable to resolve the solace, at the last moment present a last participant, after the great announcement makes his entrance Joseph dressed in knickers with his colorful horse, helmets and handles Of silver, both were brand new, the horse used its magic and got the gold ring. Great was the king's surprise. They had never been able to resolve this crossroads before, the announcement of the great wedding was announced, all preparations were organized for the following day.

The ceremony was held as planned, Joseph gathered his brothers and forgiven them for their aberrant acts, sent a carriage of the kingdom in search of his father. Farmer Don Isidro.

The horse of the seventh colors awarded Joseph, for being a person of words, humble, hardworking and kind, the animal had fulfilled its purpose, just as a day appeared in the life of Joseph disappeared forever. Fuente: http://rebalaje.blogspot.com.ar/2012/02/el-caballo-de-siete-colores-1848-cuento.html Fuente: http://piruja56.blogspot.com.ar/2015/03/el-caballo-de-siete-colores-leyenda.html José Luis Corrientes Argentina