Legend of the Mysteries of the Wit

?1350814654 fuente: http://listas.20minutos.es/lista/un-aullido-en-la-noche-el-hombre-lobo-272578/ This legend has its origins in the northwest of Argentina, is a popular legend of the people who live in the countryside, anxians make much reference to this myth.

An old man tells me that since I was a young man I lived for a long time in the province of Tucumán, his first job was in a family ranch, where he dedicated himself to feed the animals and keep the family orchard, the owners owned a small enterprise sugar Bowl.

The harvest of sugarcane was not much, it served to live and pay the whole peonada, a few years passed, a stable crop, small and profitable, paid to all laborers and served to live.

One day the patrons received a visit, a native of Santiago del Estero, a gringo, those talkers who know it all, a middle-aged man, but very knowledgeable about life despite his young age, all day long He used to tell anecdotes about his travels.

The bosses worked all day, did not have time to listen to the stories of their wanderings, until one Sunday day of the patron saint of the place, was not worked and there shared a barbecue with the stranger.

The whole pawn was invited to the feast, the peons sat together at a large table under some grapefruit plants, the masters and the stranger at another table a little more withdrawn.

The stranger turned out to be pleasant, since the bosses spent many hours talking to the man on the table, it is believed that the gringo told the story of the Familiar, because from that day there was a great change in the patterns.

The gringo commented in his talk of table, the owners of the most important mills became rich, not working but making a pact with the Familiar.

The Familiar is neither more nor less than the Devil, he offers millions in exchange for a place on the farm and they feed him, the ambitious fall in their nets, when making the deal can not be undone and is for all life.

Once installed in the barn of the ranch, requires his partners to feed them, this feeds on human flesh, that's where the bosses want to go back, but it's too late, the very sneaky before you seal the deal Anticipates to its partners that it is for the whole life without return back, corralados without being able to rescind the contract they have to fulfill its promises.

The small entrepreneurship began to grow, the bosses no longer worked all day as they did before, only spent a few hours, hired more suitable staff to supervise the work of the sugar mill, the ranch became a large farm , The field was significantly improved, began to have all the services that can have a front line field, internal paved roads, agricultural machines, purebred animals, cars were taken out of circulation and used 4 x 4 trucks, all pawns They began to collect double the salary, this asserted that the peonada suspected nothing and if they did the silver bought everything.

The ingenuity grew so much that you no longer knew the one who worked on it, many swallowers began to come, work only one day, the next day they were gone, it was difficult to keep track of the peonada.

If a pawn disappeared inside the estate you do not know the great movement of people entering and leaving the wits, this is how they could please the desire of the Familiar (Diablo)

The owners of the farm built a room inside the barn where the Familiar lived, where they sent a swallower every day looking for work tools, but none of those who came in came out again.

Thinking of this legend could be the explanation of the disappearances of peones of the most important mills of the province of Jujuy, Salta, Tucumán. Large numbers of peons disappeared each year in these cities.

The more baqueanos who know of this history are more cautious, they have hung in his neck a big cross, a rosary in the pocket and a great facón in the waist. If they are attacked by the Familiar defend themselves, they fight hand in hand with him, they leave with their clothes all torn, the body bitten and their faces scratched very beaten, all this thanks to the cross and the rosary, if the gaucho removes the facón to him Fighting, the Familiar becomes very angry and does not stop until they kill.

In cases where the swallowers leave the barn alive, they put them in a van, they are given large sums of money to buy the silence and move them away from the farm.

In large industrial factories, accidents often occur, there have been cases of pawns that fall into the boilers and die charred, others are trapped by conveyor belt and dragged to the crusher. When a man dies in an accident inside the factory, it is said that the Familiar has claimed his debt and if more than one dies, the Family member is very hungry.

The owners of the factories have better results when more pawns are devoured by the familiar.

When the owners of the mills die and have not shared their secrets, no one takes care of feeding the Familiar, he leaves the barn and fortune disappears, this is the comment of the superstitious when the owners of the successful factories die and they inherit His son and soon they melt for not knowing the business, make the comment, surely he had dealings with the Family, now he's gone and took his fortunes.

Those who have survived the Attack of the Familiar report that their appearance is of a very large dog, others speak of a gigantic viper with cat eyes, others have seen him as a giant and stinky person, others say that they saw him as a great wild boar And others speak of his appearance as a black torito. Fuente: http://www.lapoderosa.org.ar/2016/09/11-ingenios-que-no-olvidamos/

Fuente: http://www.taringa.net/posts/offtopic/18702425/Mitos-y-Leyendas-De-Argentina-Ultra-Completo.html José Luis Corrientes Argentina

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