Legend of the South Oneida and Yamir Love

Fuente: https://www.taringa.net/posts/ecologia/19339497/18-lugares-espectaculares-de-Argentina-en-33-fotografias.html Thank you very much dear friends of the Voice, thank you for supporting my work, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful legend that speaks of the love of two young people of Indian origin, to maintain their love will have to overcome several obstacles, a beautiful story that begins so.

In the south of my beloved Argentina, in the sister cities of Neuquén and Rio Negro, the Ñandeyara (The supreme) Creator of nature, mapped the earth and realized its masterpiece, Lake Nahuel Huapi, its surface is 557 km², Very deep 464 meters deep, owners of the most blue water that has been able to know, is one of the most beautiful and emblematic places of my country.

The Mapuche Indians were responsible for putting the name to this majesty, they called it Nahuel Huapi which means in Indian language island of the jaguar, by a totem that owned a family Pehuelche in Indian language means people of the east. Ancestral natives attributed the lake as the house of leather, referring to a mystical creature that lives at the bottom of the lake, in the 80's baptized the mystical creature as Nahuelito.

Nahuel Huapi Lake two indigenous communities created their settlements, the coexistence between Pehuelche and the poyas were peaceful, very believing of a spirit that lived in the depths of the lake.

The very devout Indians maintained communication with the spirit, because of the confidence they had, they were consulted by the important decisions of the lord of the depths, the determination that the spirit took, the natives complied.

In the village of the Poyas lived a beautiful girl named Oneida, admired by young and old, because of their kindness, integrity and severity.

The cacique Pehuelche had two smart and intelligent sons, the future heirs of the region, these young hacendados had fallen in love with Oneida, the brothers disputed the love of the beautiful girl, they were certain that the love of Oneida would be for some of the two. They spent their days discussing the girl's love, after so many disputes, they decided to declare their love to the beautiful girl, Oneida an intelligent, educated and serene young woman listened to the declarations of love of the astonished brothers.

Attentive and thoughtful, finished the declaration of love responded with a lot of respect, she thanked the sincerity, clarified that she felt honored by the true love of these young people, although a little late, unfortunately her heart already had owner, Yamir had a member of his Poyas village.

The Pehuelche brothers in love with Oneida were not willing to lose the love of the beautiful young woman without a fight, she asked them to calm down and told them that they could do nothing to conquer their love, she was deeply in love with Yamir.

The young people determined to fight for the love of the girl went to a sorceress, surely the old woman would know what to do to delight the beautiful Oneida, the wise longevo responded that they are unconcerned, would do what is necessary to deliver to one of them the love of the Lady, the brothers stayed quiet knowing that poor Yamir would lose Oneida's love.

The sorceress ideo a plan, taking advantage of an encounter with the young woman gave a drink to the beautiful girl, spent a few minutes Oneida began to feel bad until he fainted.

The sorceress took the girl's body, placed it in a canoe over the waters of Lake Nahuel, let the canoe go to drift, the spirit of the depths would receive the sweet girl, he will decide who will correspond the love Of Oneida, it will be for one of the brothers or it will be the same Yamir the favored one of the love of the charming girl.

The canoe was moving at the mercy of the wind, from the shore the desire-loving brothers of Oneida watched as it moved adrift in the waters of the lake, they had no idea that Oneida's body was asleep.

In the eyes of the brethren, the calm water of the lake was shaken in great waves, a sign of the presence of the spirit from the depths, the lake passed from being calm to a sea raging with giant waves, the canoe went from one side to another At the mercy of the agitated waters, the boat was seen to rise and fall of the waves and to be lost later in her, the noise that caused the waves of the waters of the agitated lake was very strong left to deaf to anyone.

The Pehuelche brothers watched in amazement as this canoe rose and lowered the raging waves until the canoe went to the depths of the lake, at that same moment they heard a loud shout acknowledging the Oneida's voice asking for help.

That's when Yamir approaches the shore of the lake, brought by the noisy sound of the waters, the brothers gave notice that the one who shouted was Oneida, was drifting in the lake canoe, brave and determined Yamir threw himself into the waters Cold in search of his beloved, swiftly to reach the boat, while Yamir in full rescue the canoe came into a great whirlpool and disappeared between the waters, the cries of Oneida were so loud that you could hear from the shore, the The whole town rushed to the lake, the news in a small town fly like leaves in the wind.

The whole population encouraged the young people to resist the storm of the now furious sea, they could see Yamir reach the beautiful girl and he was ready to save her, when the water in the form of an arm took the young people and took them to the bottom of the lake , The agitated waters as if nothing had happened reassured them to return to the deep blue color of the calm waters of the lake, the bodies of the young ones were lost in its interior and did not return to the surface.

The whole village looked in amazement, did not understand what had ever happened the waters of the lake had rushed so much, creating waves so big with so much noise.

The lake recovered its calm, the inhabitants watched in amazement the disappearance of the young people, of the place where the great arm of water formed, they saw two beautiful birds flying out on the shores of the lake, took several turns, then they directed flying towards the Horizon to get lost in the distance.

Every day you could see the two waterfowl Macas, resting on the blue waters of the lake, after a while had their babies in the same place, fruits of immense love, the inhabitants baptized them as the symbolism of Oneida's eternal love And Yamir

As the sun falls on the shores of the lake there are always the two Macas juntitos, as they were until the last minutes of their lives Oneida Y Yamir, showing the whole town that the power of love never dies. Fuente: http://razafolklorica.com/leyenda-de-maiten-y-el-dios-del-lago/ Fuente: http://www.identidad-cultural.com.ar/leernota.php?cn=3089 Fuente: https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lago_Nahuel_Huapi

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