Legend Originates the reincarnation of Maira

fuente: https://es.pinterest.com/pin/574631233687929253/ In the beginning of time, the greatest creator of the Guaraní God the Tupa, defined life and death, I create the paradise where I would house the souls of the good people, in the life they will live an eternal life with the appearance of a bird.

It established that the souls of the people who died had to ascend to the sky with wings that the same tupa sent the day of the death, once arrived at the sky they were interviewed by the Guaraní God, in the defined some aspects of the person, The shape of the bird according to the characteristics of each person.

In the land without evil of the guaraníes landed a contingent of Spaniards with the mission to colonize the inhabitants of the town.

The Spaniards created a fort where they shared with the local Indians, in it lived a young woman named Maira with her mother, the mother suffered from an illness that left her handicapped being total slope of her daughter.

Maira was dedicated to take care of her mother all day, she earned the money doing dressmaking, to always have the yetapa (scissors) on her belt by a black ribbon.

A very beautiful young woman, she had many suitors, she did not care about him, she only had heart for her sick mother, the young people from the settlement promised to be good companions and help take care of her mother, but she worked so hard that she did not have a single minute Of time to give to another person, therefore love was not an option for Maira.

In the afternoon he was obliged to take a walk for his sick mother, they went to the coast of the Parana River and sat on stones to contemplate the imposing water flow that only the Parana could give.

A very hardworking young woman, she had a lot of work to do, it was very common to see her with cloths, threads and scissors in hand, the scissors were part of her life, when she got dressed, and as a dress instrument she hung the scissors with a black ribbon Which was tied around her waist, so she was always on hand to use it.

Maira was a very good seamstress, her works were of a very good quality, all the people from the village attended to hire some work of clothing, the women of the Spaniards went to Maira to make some dresses for them and their girls, the Spaniards went to To make his trousers and suits, the sewing workshop was a real success.

As every day they came to her sight forced by the river, something called the attention of Maira, her mother was more joyful than ever, it could be said that she had improved a lot, the mother watched everything in her path, stopped longer To contemplate the gifts of nature, the plants, the animals, the beautiful flowers and the waters of the beautiful Parana, looked at everything as if it were to be the last time he would see it.

The night came to the settlement bringing with it an intense cold, although they were in winter but this day was the coldest day of all winters, despite the care that Maira provided to his mother tonight passed away, the wind was very strong , The cold very intense, poor Maira cried disconsolately, lost half her life in the blink of an eye. The poor young woman had to face the worst challenge of her life, how to do to continue living after such a heavy blow, she found refuge in the only thing she could do to work! Today more than ever she dedicated herself to her tasks as a seamstress, working day and night, wanted to get tired at night to not think, but the pain was very strong, was present all the time, had lost the desire to live.

Maira alone in the company of her scissors, every day was a challenge to life, every day that passed was a little sadder, the anguish and sadness played a bad time, shortly after leaving his mother, seriously ill, Nothing could be done to save her and she passed away.

There was no person more deserving of the sky than Maira, the Tupa sent her to fetch her, taking her with him to heaven, knowing the life story of the young model Tupa the bird costume that would take in paradise.

The merciful god prepared a beautiful black plumage, combined with the throat and the white chest, the Tupa handed his new outfit to Maira, she received it with pleasure, but not completely animated, because of her humble status did not say anything, the Tupa I notice a certain discontent in the young woman.

What do you want Maira? Is there something you're worried about? Or maybe you want to ask me something, please feel free to ask for it, for being a very kind and kind young woman, very friendly and respectful with your mother, I grant you to make a wish, said the Tupa to the Young.

She remained silent, it was not common in Maira to ask for something

What do you want Maira? He repeated the Tupa again.

You merciful God knows my history knows that all my life I dedicate to the work and to the care of my mother, I would like to have a memory that helped me take my life forward. Said the young woman What do you wish? Said the Tupa

I want to carry a picture of a scissor on my body, she was my companion until the last minute of my life. Said Maira

The Tupa understood the request of the young woman, she gave herself to make the rest of the dress, the dressmaker took some black ribbons and added to the sides of the tail giving movement to open and close as a scissors, finished the dress Tupa placed the soul of the young woman and sent her back to the land in the form of a bird, so she can enjoy her own life, since being a human she lived to take care of her mother.

The beautiful bird descended from the skies with a long tail very similar to the scissors, precisely called a scissor because of its similarity to the scissors.

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