Legend (Penoura of the seamstress)

Fuente: http://cuadrosmuybonitos.blogspot.com.ar/2013/04/paisajes-con-aves-en-oleo.html Long ago in the province of Corrientes, in the places of the crossroads pertaining to the city of Empedrado there was a grocery store where the gauchaje met.

This grocery store was very popular because of the presence of an old man who went daily to drink sugar cane, the man was a person who lived alone and killed his boredom in the establishment.

Old Valentin was popular because he was a great narrator of legends, the gaucho of the area came to the grocery store to drink and listen to the anecdotes of Valentin.

One day the old man told a legend about his payment at the crossroads. As a child, in a neighboring property bordering north of his parents' house, a young widow with seven children lived, Don Valentin goes on telling the story and pauses , His eyes fill with tears, wait a few seconds and try to speak, the hoarse voice does not come out, he drinks a sip of cane and makes that run that is locked in the throat, with raspy voice at the beginning continues the story, had put Evil because he remembered a bitter passage from the house of horror, the memory was so clear that it seemed to be in place.

Don Valentin takes up the story, referring to her being a beautiful woman, who lived all her life in that house, the house of her parents, her parents had a store of general branches, that is how she met her late husband, soon Time the stranger stayed to live and had the seven children followed with this woman.

The holy shadow was prowling the house, she had been angry with her, first took her mother, then took her father and soon became a widow, a tragic destiny for this beautiful widow.

The poor lady was in a very short time alone with her seven children, she had to feed them, but how did she go to get a job? Who would take care of their children? Those were questions to this poor woman.

The mother had taught very well the work of a good housewife, that is how I adopted the profession of seamstress.

In a short time she became the seamstress of the crossroads, this work was gradually changing the way of life of the young widow, the friction that kept people with the shape of their character changing their way of seeing things, The work of seamstress was of excellent quality, soon the news of this wonderful seamstress ran, they came from different places to order work with the widow.

The maelstrom of work increased her social activity, every time she made a dress she was invited to a party.

The poor woman began to live the life, very happy with its change it attended in which party invited it to him, without knowing that the destiny prepared another tragic end in its abode.

The holy shade was always near, never left the place, the new widow attended the parties with evening dresses more and more ostentatious, had begun to change, no longer cared as before to their children, in the nights were left alone at Care of the eldest child who was barely eight years old, some neighbors who have seen her growing up approached and gave an opinion, others closer advised, told them not to leave the children alone at night, that could make a child of eight Little ones if something bad happened.

The seamstress for the first time in her life enjoyed life and some men's companies, all the advice to ignore, the messages of the neighbors did not reach the heart of the widow, night after night lived a party, in each order delivery received An invitation card, one night while he was partying, holy shadow struck the sunsets of his home, the innocent child without knowing the doors opened.

A dawn after several hours of fervent joy and dance, on arriving at his house he met the horrendous news, I find his seven children dead, they had died at midnight by the low temperatures.

The seamstress burst into tears and despair, she lost her sanity, getting to the edge of madness, grabbed her scissors, and began to cut seven shrouds for each of her children, cutting with such fury that from a distance the sound of the scissors was cut off Cloth, he lost his mind, he did not know what he was doing.

Don Valentin narrated the horrifying story with a hoarse and torn voice, the guachaje listened with great attention to the outcome of the story.

God punished the seamstress for abandoning her children at night, for her lack of love, I condemn her to live like a bird malagüero, forced to a night flight taken the place of the holy shadow, bearer of bad news.

The Suindá bird or short shroud as it is known is a bird like the owl, has a very particular song, its sound is like that of the scissors cutting fabric, the superstitious anansayers say that if the sunday lies in your house and in the One night he sings seven times in a very bad signal. fuente:http://reward4269.ubzpc0tatoo.top/default.aspx?u=bl3pte4&o=xbkkvzb&m=1&t=main2_desk&f=1 Fuente: http://corrientesesasi.webcindario.com/ley_suinda.html José Luis Corrientes Argentina