Legend Popular lands of the eagles

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Thank you very much dear friends of the Voice, thank you for supporting my work, surfing the web, I cross with this beautiful legend, speaks of a young hunter, in a heroic act saves an eagle, for his great act of kindness will receive An unexpected gift, a beautiful story that begins like this.

This is a legend from Albania, Albania is in European territory very close to Greece, says the legend that many years ago in a village lived an organized young hunter, this young man had very well synchronized their times and hunting schedules what a Success in his hunt.

One morning he went out hunting as he went every day, he walked calmly towards the hills, and on reaching the hills he saw a very large eagle descending from the sky and perching on his great nest.

What struck him most was that the eagle carried with his beak a great snake, the young hunter could not help commenting.

How cunning the eagle has! Just dawn and I hunt a snake to feed their little eagles.

The lord of the heavens thought that the serpent was dead and dropped by his little brood, the serpent, when he saw the brave eagle retreat, unscrewed and opened his mouth wide with the intention of eating the little eagle, the pigeon had no escape , Looked at the evil serpent very terrified, luckily all this happened before the eyes of the good hunter, when the snake was about to bite the eagle pigeon, the hunter took his bow, carried an arrow, shot a sure hit in His head, the dangerous snake lost his life at the same instant.

The hunter was not sure that the little eagle had not suffered a bite from the snake, quickly climbed the hill to the eagle's nest to check that the pigeon was well.

When I reached the nest I noticed that the little bird was very well, I take the little pigeon in his hands, I caress it and check it well under the feathers to check that it was healthy and moved away from the nest.

Soon the great eagle returned to its nest and verified the usability of the little eagle, the bird flew fiercely in search of its young, in the distance he could see the young hunter carrying his calf in his hands, descended quickly and settled in front of he.

Where do you think you're going with that little eagle? Said the angry mother

I take it to a safe place, the snake you hunted was not dead and almost eat it, unless it was close, I would have eaten.

The eagle could not believe what he heard in his ears, he became very sad and began to cry, I can not believe he thinks I'm a bad mother.

I never said that you were a bad mother, I observed you and I think you are a very loving mother but you have to admit that you did things wrong, that mistake could cost the little eagle's life, said the hunter

If it's okay you're right, I'm very sad about it, I'm always aware of the chicks, as the snake did not move I thought I was dead.

Yes good but, I do not know, I'm not sure

Look I apologize and I promise that it will not happen again, please return my pigeon and I will give you back. Said the bird.

As you do? I ask the hunter in disbelief.

I will reward you with two of my best qualities.

Be clearer, I do not understand what you mean by qualities, said the young man

I will grant you the most acute vision that can exist and the power of the force that I possess in my two wings, you will be the best hunter, because you will see from afar, the strongest, no one will be able to with you.

The young hunter thought it was a fair deal, the eagle seemed repentant, as not giving a chance to this mother who cried disconsolately when she saw that her child was not, in life who does not comment errors, without hesitation took the small Eagle and delivered to his mother.

The promise of the eagle was fulfilled, several years passed, the young hunter became a strong man and skillful hunter, hunted the largest and fierce animals of the thicket, for his manhood was summoned to various battles to defend his country, the Neighbors categorized them as a strong man and a great hero, everyone loved and admired him.

The little eagle had also grown, he became a great eagle, he never forgot the man who saved his life, decided to always live next to the hunter, day and night accompanied his steps, when the man I went out to hunt the great eagle watched and protected him From the heights of the hills, as if it were his guardian angel.

The stock of these two good friends was soon known throughout the country; it was known as the legend of the hunter and his eagle; the inhabitants named him the eagle's son and the village where the good hunter lived. Albania was named Albania. Eagles.

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