Legend The Brave African Princess

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Thank you very much dear friends of the Voice for supporting my work, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful legend of a beautiful princess very stubborn, who lived in a village of Africa, thanks to her character helps her people to get rid of a great Evil that stalks his people, a beautiful story that begins like this.

In a remote village of Africa, a beautiful young woman named Nasha, the girl was the favorite daughter of the king of the tribe, a few miles away there was a large lake, famous for harboring a terrible spawn, feared for being the main cause of death Of the people of the town.

The fame of the spawning of the lake was very strong that nobody dared to approach the place, except the brave young man who wanted to know the legendary esperpento that caused so much fear in the population.

When autumn arrived the weather became worse, it brought many rains flooding the whole region, the fields were filled with water, the houses of the lower lands were under water, the area that became a wide sea.

The young Nasha had an idea, perhaps the spawn of the lake had the answer and solution to the problem, consulted with the people of their opinions about their idea, they agreed but did not endorse the decision of the young woman, very enthusiastic about her idea , Asked his parents for permission to visit the feared beget, the parents disapproved of this crazy idea and declared their prohibition to approach the place.

The young woman was not alone mind was beautiful as well as brave was stubborn like a mule, there was no one who stood in his way when I had a decision made, very decisive I quote all the young women of the tribe, formed a true army of women, Commanded by Nasha marched towards the lake.

The army marched by leaps and bounds, they reached the lake when the sun was at the top of the sky, the waters of the lake were very calm, it was a magical and enchanted place, its crystalline waters showed the bottom of the lake, there were stones Of all colors and sizes, their sands were white, yellow and gold, a rainbow of colors under the waters of the lake inviting the hot young men to take a dip.

The young women could not refuse this wonderful invitation, they took off their clothes, their jewels, their sandals and without further ado they threw themselves into the water, very smiling the beautiful young women swam, plunged into the water, played with the water throwing each other, very Entertained in their games that did not notice the arrival of the evil esperpento, very slowly not to be discovered approached the shore of the lake and robbed the belongings of the young.

One of the girls came out of the water to see for her belongings, great was her surprise when she saw that the clothes were not there, shouting to the rest of the girls the absence of their clothes, the rest of the girls came naked from the water to To verify that all his clothes and jewels were really missing.

What they were going to do, they could not return naked to their homes!

They returned to the depths of the water to hide their nakedness and began to call the beast, crying and crying began to beg the wicked creature to return their belongings, the only one who did not beg Utombina, as a good daughter of a region refused to be Humiliated

The evil beggar heard the supplications of the beautiful girls, one began to return all the belongings of the young women, the girls ran and took all their belongings, the beggar returned the belongings of the young women except those of the king's daughter, the others Young men wanted to return to their homes, but Utombina refused to beg the beggar for their belongings, the beast was angry with the princess's attitude, making her enter the lake very angry, sank into the water and came very close to the young woman, In a jump I reach the girl and swallow it.

The other young men panicked and began to cry disconsolately, if they could do anything they ran towards the town to inform the king.

Very grieved received the news of the death of his young daughter, I made the decision to avenge the death of the princess, I order to prepare all the warriors of the tribe and marcho course to the lake to end with the esperpento.

When the soldiers arrived at the lake, the monster became angry, he began to attack the army, one by one he ate the warriors, ate all but one that started to run towards the village, to see this the king prepared and I wait for him at the entrance of the village, the esperpento ate so many men that when I arrived at the village I arrived like a big ball about to burst.

The most courageous king of the town, I wait very calmly for the arrival of the spawn, could verify movement within the belly of the grotesque, there realized that the spawn engulfed the whole people and there was some possibility of finding people inside him.

The brave king took his dagger and rolled on the ground, approached the dangerous spawn that could not move because it was so full, gave a sharp cut to the bag of the belly and one by one began to leave the warriors, the last in Leaving was the princess Nasha safe and sound.

The dreaded little beast began to buckle, fell to the ground and stopped breathing, all the people began to shout of joy, they congratulated the brave princess that thanks to their pride and stubbornness could end the life of the evil beggar.

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