Legend (The cataract of the lovers)

fuente: http://www.woodns.it/1/omar_porras_marin_2407565.html In the sister city of Misiones, as in a pedestal converges The natural reserve El Salto enchanted of the valley of the brook Wedge Pirú, or arroyo of skinny woman in Guaraní language.

This mysterious place belongs to the municipality of Aristóbulo del Valle with 13227 hectares of natural reserve, the enchanted jump emerges from the thin woman stream, its jump of 64 meters gives the name of the National Park.

To know the origin of the Magical name, we must travel in time, reach the era of the Guaraní colonizations.

In this fascinating missionary jungle lived two tribes of enemy natives, the enmity consisted in the strong characters of their rulers, one of the tribes commanded the cacique Aguero, feared brave warrior, the other patriarch was called Yurumí.

The village of Agüero boasted of the most beautiful of the place Yetee daughter of the chief Agüero, a woman of strong character as her father, beautiful as the moon, was the care of all the caciques of the region, much coveted and desired, were disputed who Offered more wealth to capture the glances of this majestic young woman.

Aguero feared and respected, as every father had a weakness his daughter Yetee, this was well known by his enemy Yurumí.

On the other hand the enemy village had the bravest man that was known its name was Caburey son of the cacique Yurumí. Caburey famous for his bravery in the contest and his ability to hunt.

The God of the Guarani Tupã Tenondete, I had a whim, I wanted to cross the roads of these beautiful young women, I prepare the right moment for their encounters.

Caburey was hunting in the jungle, he saw in a clearing of the mountain a very fine figure, being hypnotized by the beauty of the lady, I only react when Yetee screamed in terror at the moment he was attacked by a jaguar, the brave young man Throws in his defense, nails his dagger in the heart of the animal, killing the jaguar.

Tupã Tenondete the guaraní god spell the place, the eyes of the young people crossed in this magical moment and triumph the love.

The next few days the young couples were hiding in the jungle, they remained enchanted, until the moment they discovered who they were.

The caciques rejected this love, unleashing a bloody war, upon learning Yete ran to the field of war, leaving streams to their passage by its tears, I arrive at the top of the place, Caburey ran in their encounter, I raise in its arms, the warriors Of both tribes fired with their arrows at the young couple ending their lives, great was the anger of Tupã Tenondete, threw a lightning to the lomb, forming a great curk in the earth, falling water from the tears of beautiful India , Thus formed the enchanted leap.

A jump of 64 meters that emerges natural water, forming a great waterfall.

The God of the Guaraníes Tupã Tenondete with this action seal the peace for both villages, nuca returned to fight.

If you ever visit missions, do not miss this wonder, when you are appreciating it is broken remember the love of Caburey and Yetee.

This enchanting place of elves, elves and fairies hosts wonderful species of birds and mammals, 214 different species of birds and 36 mammals, which are controlled with cameras hidden inside the forest to preserve the species' existence.

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