Legend The creation of Rama

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This is a legend of Hindu origin, long ago the god Rāma decided to establish a beautiful and different being to the others, molding to the most beautiful of the maidens whom I call Satí, which means glittering jewelry.

The maid exceeded her expectations, saw her work more beautiful than she imagined, very attracted to the splendorous woman made the decision to take her as his wife, wanted to live with the maiden for the rest of his life.

The enamored Rāma proposed marriage to the beautiful woman, the young Satí rejected the proposal, the sovereign would not give up, called a meeting of the gods to analyze the situation and give a verdict to the proposal of marriage.

The gods gathered analyzed the situation, listened carefully to the words of the people involved, God Rāma expounded their intentions of marriage and Satí expounded his motives for rejection, in a fierce discussion between gods defined marriage approval.

Seeing the resolution of the Gods and knowing that his heart would never love this man, the beautiful young woman made a request.

Dear God Rāma, my heart tells me that it is not willing to love you, I do not want to suffer a life of misery, I just want a request, get the sacred food of delight, taste that convinces my heart to love you.

The God Rama, very much agreed with the young maiden, he also did not want a woman who could not really love him, with his best messengers, gave clear instructions sending to find that precious food, which would be able to guarantee happiness of their life.

The days passed, the months became years and none of his envoys returned, God Rāma, could not find the way to please the beautiful woman, she put her best effort to love God, but her foolish heart was opposed, Every day that passed he became more sad, one morning sitting in the hangar, his sad and unhappy heart stopped beating, a beloved woman died in his arms.

The God Rāma could not believe that she could not please the maiden, her heart was broken with anguish, now she knew how she suffered all this time the heart of the girl, very grieved without being able to do anything, surrender the body of her beloved, To be buried in the holy place.

The God Rāma ordered the best funeral that could exist, took place in the kingdom several consecutive days of mourning, a great celebration in honor of the beautiful Satí, he chose the best place on the sacred ground to inhale the body of his beloved , Gave the order to remain in the company of a prince of the kingdom, day and night, would never be alone, until its own arrival where would accompany to his beloved until the eternity.

Forty days and forty nights had passed since the young woman's death, the guardian princes saw a ray of light emerge from their tomb, a few minutes later unknown plants began to sprout.

The guardians sent urgently to call the Rāma God.

Rāma watched with amazement the exotic plants and understood, this was the sacred plant, I need the beautiful young woman to live happily and now shared with all the people of the kingdom, her eyes filled with tears, gave thanks in silence asking forgiveness of her beloved Not having been able to please her. Then he raised his voice and said.

This is the sacred plant we have sought for years, in it lives the spirit of Satí, we will call it Parí which means rice, surrender its seeds to all the men of the earth, everyone who consumes it will live its happy life, Sacred food that will feed your body and soul, keeping a happy and alive heart!

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