Legend (the deep darkness)

fuente: http://www.sendeyim.net/resim-galerisi/doga-resimleri/gece-manzara-resimleri-albumu/resim--495?mobil=2 This is an adaptation of an old legend from Africa, the moon did not exist thousands of years ago, when the sun was hidden in the afternoon and the night was totally dark, there was not a single drop of light.

Humans and animals feared darkness, when night came and they did not leave their homes, it was very rare to see a living being lurking along the paths

In a small village, a young woman named Alahmako, very dear to all the inhabitants of the village, a beautiful young woman, kind and friendly, always ready to help her family and her neighbors.

The village of the young woman was on the side of a busy road, making it an easy target for looters.

Thieving soldiers took advantage of the darkness of the night to steal food, including cows from the village of Alahmako

In the middle of a dark night God revealed his presence to Alahmako, with you very soft not to frighten the young woman said to him.

I want to make a deal with you, I can see how much you love all your people!

Yes my lord, that is true! I would give anything for my family and my people, replied the beautiful young woman.

Pay close attention to what I'm going to tell you! I am aware of how bad things are happening, you, your family and your beloved people! The attacks and the constant looting of the soldiers who carry all their meals.

In the grotto in front of the river lives my beloved son Amboe, he has seen your beauty when you bathe before darkness falls and from the first day he saw you have fallen madly in love with you.

If you marry him I will send you to heaven, your precious face will illuminate the dark nights, thanks to you and your light, your people will not hide at night and will be able to defend the village from the attacks of looters.

The kindly young woman immediately accepted the proposal of God, this decision was very important to benefit her family and her people

Alahmako addressed God with much respect and asked what he should do.

God answered.

When tomorrow night falls, you will go to the grotto where my son lives, on it there is a huge rock that protrudes over the river, from there you will throw yourself into the leafy waters, you must not fear, my son will receive you in his arms And lift you up to heaven.

The beautiful girl accepted complacently, could not sleep all night thinking that the evil would end forever, with her sacrifice would help her people to chase the looters who for many years have harassed them.

The day flew by, at nightfall the beautiful Alahmako walked slowly but surely to the grotto of Amboe, following the advice of God climbed the rock and jumped into the mighty waters of the river.

The strong arms of Amboe received the beautiful body of Alahmako, with great care the son of God took the young woman to heaven, they stayed there to live together forever.

Thus was the birth of the moon, the beautiful face of Alahmako illuminates ever since then every night of the year, All living beings never feared at night, their people could see from afar the arrival of looters, defended arrowheads And cast their crops, over time the news spread that the village of Alahmako defended their lands at spearhead, this kept the looting soldiers reigning peace in their village.

In Africa even today, there are villages that remember and venerate the beautiful Alahmako, the young people of the villages at nightfall make circles around the fires to throw kisses to the sky, hoping to be picked up by the beautiful girl , Alahmako the shining moon. Fuente: http://piruja56.blogspot.com.ar/2016/06/leyenda-del-hada-y-el-mago.html Fuente: http://www.mundoprimaria.com/mitos-y-leyendas-para-ninos/la-leyenda-de-Alahmako/

José Luis Corrientes Argentina