Legend the ghost of the maid

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This is a legend Cántabra, many years ago in a palace lived a girl and a boy as servants of the palace, these young people were devout Christians, because of their condition live happily as a couple of bride and groom blessed by the holy church.

The life for these young people was very beautiful, they wanted with all passion, they could not live the one without the other, they entrusted to God this wonderful love, that is to do its will for each one of them.

The girl helped the servant in her duties in the palace, he helped her in theirs, they worked side by side, with happiness, harmony and love, after saving money buying everything necessary for the home, they asked the master's blessing to To get married.

A great mass was organized in the church of the palace, then a great celebration where all the people of the palace were invited.

They bought a house in a village near the palace where the couple of lovers went to live happily, spent some months of the celebration of the great wedding, the master missed these young workers a lot, one day he decided to visit them.

The master raised himself in the house of these young people and asked to please return as servants to the palace facilities, offered more money and promised to give place as his own family, wanted to reward all these years that the couple was very good And hardworking for her person.

The couple were very grateful for this invitation, they returned to the palace gladly as servants of the kingdom, although the patron had changed with her, looked at her with other eyes, gave her flowers when her husband was not present.

Shortly after returning to the palace, a war between Christians and Jews arose, to which all the men of the palace and of the nearby towns had to participate.

From the palace the master and husband of this beautiful young woman attended, the young lady is in charge of all the servants, caring and watching over the services to the kingdom.

The war lasted for a long time, extended more than expected, until the Christians were able to defeat the enemy.

At the end of the war the master and the servant returned victorious to the palace of Barcenamayor, mounted on their return in two beautiful Percherones horses, they brought beautiful gifts for his women.

On the road as they rode their horses, the master remembered the beautiful wife of his servant, for a long time he had cast his eye as a woman, bad thoughts accompanied him all the way, every meter that was advancing was more determined to fall in love with the woman. His servant, thought and saw enjoying the beautiful body of the woman in his bedroom.

The devil seized his thoughts, lost to his servant who did not mistrust and killed his sword, burying the body to the side of the road in a great thicket.

The young servant who was always faithful to his master, who defended his life in the war, who worked so hard to satisfy his needs, who considered himself a friend of the master, lost his life without being able to defend, now buried and dead By the arms of the master who did not have a second of pity towards his servant, who as if nothing continued trip to the palace

The soulless master arrived at the palace at dusk, shortly after asking the maid, he wanted to give personally the news of the death of his husband, who died doing his duty defending the ideals of the kingdom, but the other servants reported that the girl died of Sadness, knowing nothing of her husband supposed that he had died and had no more desire to live.

The master went mad and wanted to kill the rest of the servants with his sharp sword, which served to kill his servant if the wife was already dead, very angry with him retired to his rooms.

Very sad went to sleep, now enter because of what he had done, but could not turn things back, tired and with tormented consciousness fell asleep, at midnight felt as if someone were sitting on his bed next to his Feet, slowly opened his eyes and saw the beautiful girl sitting on her bed, she wore a nice red dress, her face was white as cotton, her eyes were very sad.

The master was frightened as if he saw a ghost, the lady reassured him saying, calm my master do not be scared, said the wench.

You know what happens is that they said that you were dead, the master replied

The servants deceived him master, I asked them to say that I was dead to give him this beautiful surprise, said the young woman, I love you master will realize that I am not dead, now that my husband has died in the war I want to reciprocate his affection, You have me, I am in love with you as you are of me said the girl.

On hearing this declaration of love of the girl the master jumped out of bed and dressed as fast as he could, he wanted to hug the beautiful woman but she ran out like a teenager in heat in the direction of the garden, the man in love followed the game of The girl and ran after her, reached the entrance of the palace, there she took the master's hand and walked out walking like two lovers in the entrance alley of the palace.

They walked together holding hands by the old alley where the master of war returned, they spoke like two lovers, the master said he loved her very much, he dreamed about this for several nights, he promised to take good care of her, he would buy new clothes and I would have a life like a princess.

Walking as two lovers came to the place where the master killed his husband, the night was beautiful, looked like daylight by the brightness of the moon, when he reached the thicket where he buried the servant, a terrible storm broke out, with lightning and thunder .

The girl turned her eyes to the master, looked with red eyes that seemed to fire, with much anger told him.

Do you want to know something! Said the girl.

The servants did not deceive you, I am the soul of the woman of the man you killed and buried in this thicket, I came to you to bring you to this place where you killed my husband.

The cowardly master ran away in terror, as when someone sees the same demon, the storm became more dark, the thunder was stronger, the cowardly master ran down the old road, a lightning bolt fell that broke the earth falling the master inside her , The earth began to bury the master, in that it sees the figure of the woman who takes the hand of the late waiter, leaving their souls of bodies rising to the sky like two angels, the earth finished burying the master and the two Angels stood in the sky like two beautiful stars.

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