Legend the love of the sisters

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Dear Friends, thank you very much for supporting my work, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful story, it speaks of two sisters, who have much love for them, love saves the family and live happily ever after.

This is an Asturian legend, long ago in a Asturian village lived a wealthy villager, his wife had passed away for some years and left his two beautiful daughters in his care, but for the unloved father it seems that he had only one daughter.

Ines was one of her daughters, very loving and affectionate, respected her father a lot, never contradicted her in any way, she even agreed to marry a man who had chosen her father.

Clara was the other daughter of the wealthy villager, also a very good girl, affectionate and very close to her sister Ines, but in matters of love she had more character than her sister, at the time of marriage married for love, he paid attention to her Heart, contradicted the will of his father who pretended to marry a man chosen by him, this angered the villager, the desheredo of his fortune, the fact of his house and forbade him to return to his home where he was born.

The young woman lived very happy with her husband, but they had much need of money, her sister Inés wanted to help her but the evil father prevented her, in the face of this negative she could do nothing.

Soon afterwards the evil labrador died, Ines wanted to help her sister financially, she wanted to give him what was due to her father's inheritance, but this time it was the husband of Agnes who opposed helping her sister, she is powerless Doing nothing saw how her sister was sinking in poverty, unfortunately did not know how to help her sister.

A year after the death of the wealthy villager, a mass was celebrated in her honor, at the beginning of the Mass Clara and her husband arrived, dressed in worn and old clothes, leaving in evidence their bad economic passing, with much shame they sat on the last bench Of the church, seeing Ines the condition of her sister, I pray in silence before the saints of the Church, find a way to convince her husband to help his sister, saw her very aged by the punishment of life to his beloved Sister, to see her like this put very badly.

The mass had already begun, when suddenly something heavy rested on his head, touched his head and saw a butterfly rise up, could not believe that that butterfly had so much weight, every time she neglected the butterfly went down And caused that great weight on his head, this happened several times.

At the end of the Mass Ines commented very surprised with her husband what had happened, but her husband did not pay much attention to his story, the couple wait for everyone to withdraw from the church, in that feels heavy on his head the husband of Ines, raising her hand sees a butterfly rise up.

The butterfly flew over the pair, settled on one's head and then flew to the other's head with increasing pressure.

Ines understood that this was the sign she had asked in the church to help her sister, she talked with her husband about her prayers for Clara and that this is a true sign of love and that she had to help her sister.

Her husband thought the situation and remembered the appearance of his brother-in-law, then agreed to help Clara, ordered to quantify the fortune and divided it into two in equal parts.

Ines and her husband had a big party in their house, they sent new clothes for their sister and brother-in-law and invited them to the big celebration, in which they would announce the division of the goods.

The party had already begun, when Clara asked that this great celebration was due, Ines and her husband stood up and gave the great news to Clara and her husband, they could not believe this beautiful news, there was a lot of need for money Which they had, very happy the four had dinner and became aware of the news of recent years.

Sitting at the table enjoying the family dinner, they saw a beautiful butterfly fly over, looked happy at the butterfly, flew over each of them as if caressing their heads, then fluttered around the table and flew high out the window.

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