Legend the monastery and the weeping of the nereida

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Hello dear friends of the voice, thank you very much for supporting my work, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful legend of love, a young man fleeing his stormy past finds a mermaid, she falls in love, a beautiful story that begins like this .

Long ago in a mountain village, I live a young man whose family belonged to a very powerful clan of the place, tired of the deaths and clan fights, decided to enter a monastery to obtain peace in his life that much lacked him.

The monastery was built in a remote place in a valley between two mountains, a quiet place ideal for spiritual retreats, the monastery was an imposing building, built with stones, in the center had a large main tower large at its sides Two smaller towers, from there he could see from the distance the arrivals of the visitors, a large lake grew, with a canal that passed through the courtyard of the monastery.

The place was surrounded by beautiful trees of quebrachos, cypress, oak and ash trees where they housed countless birds of all colors and sizes, wild animals played and grew inside these wooded forests, fearful of the presence of humans hiding before the Presence of one.

In the monastery peace reigned, which the young man longed for and desired, was his main attraction to choose to become a monk and ask for forgiveness for all his sins, leaving aside the life of warrior and riches, far away were the nights of celebrations and The beautiful women.

The monastery accepted him as a monk, the young man promised to change his life, asking forgiveness of all the saints for the bad things he had done, it was so much his sorrow that he spent the day asking for forgiveness.

One morning I was walking in the courtyard of the imposing monastery, suddenly I heard a small voice calling him, the young man turned his head but saw nothing, again the voice spoke again, here in the water! Said a beautiful woman, motioning for her to approach, the young man walked to the shore of the lake and watched a beautiful and tiny mermaid.

The young man wondered why the spirit of the water called him, the young woman had a very intimidating look, beautiful blue eyes, stood out between her golden hair, ruby ​​red lips, her skin was beautiful golden color, glowed in the water like If it were flashes of sunshine.

When the young man approached, the beautiful woman consulted because he spent all day asking for forgiveness, the young man wanted to avoid the question, but the beautiful woman insisted, the young man has no other left to tell, all the mistakes made, the abuse made product Of his position in the clan, excesses with women, nights and feasts, the spirit listened attentively to what the young man told.

The beautiful woman watched the young man from the first day of his arrival, his attention was drawn to the age of the boy, he was too young to be in the monastery, she was attracted to him from the first moment he saw him, the little woman considered That the young man was very handsome and wanted to have it for her, these little spirits have the nature of being very capricious when they fall in love.

The days passed, every day that passed the tiny woman fell more in love with the young man, one day I can not stand it any longer and confess her love to the young monk, the young man knew the charms of these fairies, knew that if he flatly refused, she could punish with Some spell, very subtly refused saying that he could not live under water and she out of it, that his union was almost impossible, in addition he was committed to the monkeys porpoises.

The days, the weeks and even months passed and the beautiful mermaid could not convince the young man that his love corresponded, she understood the words of the monks, deep down he knew she was right, she could not live on earth and he could not live Under the water, but her love was very capricious, she felt very sad, I could not stand it anymore and began to cry.

She cried day and night for unrequited love, her pain was so great, she could not believe how the young monk went to fall in love with her, her heart fluttered with sadness and love.

The little mermaid said goodbye to the young man crying, as he retreated through the waters of the lake, the tears that rolled down his cheeks went to the depths turned into precious celestial stones of the color of his eyes, were scattered by the rivers, streams , Lakes until reaching the sea, tears turned into precious stones to remember that once I love with all your heart.

Those who sail the waters and find these precious stones, perceive like a magical dream the days of tears of the mermaid, that once I cry for love.

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