Legend The salt water of the sea

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Hello dear friends of La Voz, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful legend, speaks of an ambitious captain, very good in business, find a magic mill, but his ambition will take him very far and will happen ................

In this beautiful Norwegian legend, we will know the secrets of why the waters of the ocean are salty, if you want to know the history I invite you to continue reading.

Many years ago, to the north of Europe in a small town, lived a globetrotter, a very good man.

This man was a brave ship captain, he did not fear the storms of the wide sea, a daring traveler who liked money a lot, worked tirelessly to have more fortune.

A skilled trader, he negotiated the lowest costs of the goods, then transported them in his bank and sold in different parts of the world, every time he closed his negotiation he paid his crew and the remaining money kept in his bedroom, he was a very captain. Cheerful, maneuvered the boat with great joy and enthusiasm, sang and whistled to go to the next port to negotiate their merchandise.

Once I landed at a large port in Norway, there was a large crowd of merchants selling fresh fish, this caught the attention of the great captain, tempted by the money, approached the crowd to earn some pesos.

The captain was quietly walking along the docks of the port, wishing for some great business, among the crowd stood an old man of enormous white beach, a seller of salt bricks, the astute captain watched the business quickly, approached the old man and consulted his courage, Since they were not very expensive, I bought them all the bricks of salt that the old man had.

The big bricks of salt were very heavy, it would be a lot of work to move him to the boat, but the truth was not very important for him, he only thought that in other countries they would pay the salt to value of precious stones, the effort that could make to load was worth The pity for the fortune they were going to win.

The cargo had taken all day, when it was time to set sail the night had fallen, loosened its moorings, lifted the anchor, and along with its crew traveled south.

The night was very dark, only the stars would be the guide of the great captain, the sea was very calm, the night was perfect to travel, but suddenly the weather changed and a great storm arose, the winds began to blow very strong, The rain had flooded the ship, the huge waves threatened to overturn the ship, the brave captain fought with the great waves maneuvering the ship, doing his utmost to keep it afloat.

In the middle of the fight, the captain sees a small island, decides to get as close as possible to the island, to moor the boat and wait for the storm to pass, but he never thought what would happen there.

With much work the captain tied the boat on the island, they landed to protect themselves from the rain in some cave of the island, they quickly passed the beach and went into the thicket in search of some cave.

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Walking through the forest they heard a strange noise, they hid behind a big tree and see what the strange noise was about, they could verify that it was a strange machine that they had never seen, they approached a little more and saw that it was A machine that crushed stones, the machine was driven by a magician, the magician with his wand in hand drove the machine saying.

Tritura crushing! Tritura crushing! Tritura crushing! The crew and the captain could not believe what their eyes saw, in all their travels the world knew many strange things, but never a machine that worked with the order of a person.

Seeing the strange machine the captain saw the great business of the century, that strange mill would have to be his, thought the captain.

The captain asked his crew to remain silent, did not want to be discovered by the strange magician, for a long time they watched as the strange machine worked, finally the magician finished grinding the stones and retired.

Seeing that the machine was left alone the captain and his crew approached the beautiful mill, took it among all and took it to the ship, mysteriously began to rise the sun, the captain saw the opportunity to set sail and steal the mill, anchor and They left as fast as they could on the island.

Far and safe in the sea, the captain began to think how to make better use of the mysterious machine, thinking how to make more money saw that he could use the mill to grind the salt and sell it crushed at a better price, if this came out well they would fill of money.

They cleared the hold of the ship, made enough space between the machine and the bricks of salt, the captain asked his crew to leave it alone to maneuver the mill more quietly.

Being more calm and alone in the warehouse of the ship began to shout.

Tritura crushing! Tritura crushing! Tritura crushing!

The machine began to work, in the eyes of the captain the large bricks of salt turned into fine grains, as fine as grains of flour.

Everything went as planned but skipped one thing, did not take into account the power of the mill and the large quantities of salt, in a short time the machine ground so much salt that the cellar was filled, the machine covered in salt continued to work the salt came out For all the holes of the ship, began to cover the whole deck, the captain shouted for the machine to stop but did not know the magic words.

The salt continued to rise, the situation had been uncontrolled, the weight of the ship began to sink, the sailors and the captain had no choice but to leave the ship.

They swam by the sea to save their lives, fortunately the strong waves took them towards a nearby coast, all saved their lives, once on the coast they could see very distressed as the ship was sinking, the great ship disappeared under the Waters of the sea.

They tell the anxious ones who know the legend that still today the mill keeps grinding the blocks of salt inside the warehouse of the sunken ship, this is the reason why the seas and the oceans of the world have their salty waters.

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